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Project 21980 boat set afloat for the Russian Navy in Rybinsk.

| 2019

Vympel Shipyard of Kalashnikov Group recently floated a Grachonok-class special designation boat of project 21980 destined for the Russian Navy, Rostec said.

Project 21980 boat set afloat for the Russian Navy in Rybinsk Project 21980 Grachonok-class anti-sabotage boat (Picture Source: Vympel Shipyard)

"The gala ceremony was attended by the National Guard Commander-in-Chief Viktor Zolotov, Kalashnikov CEO Vladimir Dmitriyev, Yaroslavl regional Governor Dmitry Mironov and Vympel Managing Director Oleg Goncharov," it said.

The boat was laid on May 15, 2018. It is the first of the series of four special designation boats built by Vympel for the Russian National Guard. The contract was signed in 2017. The boat is to operate in the Black Sea.

Project 21980 boats are designed to protect Russian naval bases. Their main mission is to fight subversion and terrorist groups in naval bases. The boat is 31-meters long and has a displacement of 138 tons. Full speed is 23 knots and the range is 200 miles. The crew comprises eight men. Autonomous navigation is five days.

The boat is armed with Igla portable antiaircraft missile weapon, 14.5mm MPTU machinegun and grenade launchers DP-65 and DP-64. It is equipped with acoustic sonar Anapa, MP-231 navigation radar, MTK-201M3 optical-electronic device for the acquisition of close air and surface areas, and Kalmar submarine detection system.

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