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Pakistan Navy test-fired a new shipborne cruise missile in the Arabian Sea.

| 2019

Recently, the Pakistan Navy conducted another test-firing of an indigenously built cruise missile. Yet, this time, the cruise missile was a shipborne variant, fired from an Azmat-class patrol vessel, the PNS Himmat (1027), in the North Arabian Sea.

Pakistan Navy test fired a new shipborne cruise missile in the Arabian Sea PNS Himmat patrol vessel test-firing a shipborne cruise missile in January 2018. (Picture Source: Pakistan Navy)

According to a statement of the Pakistan Armed Forces' official media communications group (the Inter-Services Public Relations, or ISPR) of April 23, the test accurately hit its target on land. Though, nothing was said about which type of target it was, and about the distance of this target from the vessel.

Another similar test-firing of a shipborne cruise missile from PNS Himmat was held in January 2018. On both tests, the ISPR made an announcement, only saying that the missile had anti-ship and land-attack capabilities and that it was indigenously developed.

This test comes as tensions between Pakistan and India remain critical in the region. Since the Pulwama attack that occurred in India on February 14 this year, India and Pakistan continuously maintain their military presence on their shared borders but also in their shared maritime zones. Both countries seek to be ready to use their armed forces if it is needed.

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