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LIMA 2019: Russian Knights aerobatics team will take part to the event.

| 2019

Russia’s world-famous Russian Knights aerobatics team will take part in the LIMA 2019 international defense exhibition of the maritime and aerospace industries. The LIMA 2019 exhibition will be taking place on Langkawi Island, Malaysia, on March 26-30, 2019. Russian Knights regularly take part in the event.

Russian Knights aerobatics team will take part at LIMA 2019 Aerospace Maritime defense exhibition 925 001 Su-30SM fighter aircraft of the Russian Knights aerobatics team (Picture source Russian MoD)

The Russian Knights is the world’s first aerobatic group flying heavy fighter jets that retain the combat capabilities of serial-produced warplanes. Two years ago, the group chose the LIMA air show to stage its first-ever foreign aerobatic performance aboard the new Su-30SM planes.

During the exhibition, four Russian Knights crews flying Su-30SM aircraft will demonstrate aerobatic stunts. Their program also includes solo flying and flying in pairs. The crews will demonstrate their most spectacular stunts and maneuver.

The Su-30SM is a multirole fighter aircraft developed by JSC Sukhoi Design Bureau for the Russian Air Force. It is an advanced derivative of the Su-30MK combat aircraft family.

The Su-30SM (SM for Serial, Modernized) (Flanker-H by NATO classification) is considered a 4+ generation fighter jet. The aircraft has been upgraded according to Russian military requirements for radar, radio communications systems, friend-or-foe identification system, ejection seats, weapons, and other aircraft systems. It is equipped with the N011M Bars radar with a maximum detection range 400 km, search range 200 km using a phased array antenna, frontal horizontal fins and steerable thrusters for supermaneuverability as well as with wide-angle HUD.

The aircraft can be used to gain air supremacy same as for targeting adversary on the ground using a wide range of weapons including air-to-air, air-to-surface and guided and unguided bombs with total weapons weight up to 8000 kg. It is also equipped with the one barrel, 30 mm GSh-30-1 automatic cannon. To ensure operations at major distances from airfield, the ability of in-flight refueling (IFR) is included. Besides that, for electronic warfare purposes, two SAP-518 jamming pods can be fitted on the wing tips. The SAP-518 is designed to protect the aircraft from various air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles by creating false targets, jamming missile's guidance, enemy aircraft radars or ground and seaborne air defence.

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