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India will need 5 years to prepare the construction of Project 11356 frigates.

| 2019

India will need more than five years to implement a contract for the construction of project 11356 frigates because it will have to fit the local shipyard with additional equipment first, Anatoly Punchuk, deputy director of the Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation, told TASS. We evoked the Indian construction of 2 Russian Project 11356 frigates on January 31.

India will need 5 years to prepare the construction of 11356 frigates 3 Project 11356 frigates (Talwar-class) of the Indian Navy - from left to right : F 51 Trikand, F 44 Tabar and F 45 Teg (Picture source : Indian Navy)

"We are ready to render technical assistance to our partners to enable India to receive 11356 frigates as soon as possible. However, the production cycle and the need to fit the shipyard with additional equipment should also be taken into account. It is a long-term project. It will take five years to implement it," Punchuk noted.

According to him, the Indian side will get knew competence and knowledge in the production of warships of this class after the Goa Shipyard, which is located in India, is completely equipped and starts to produce new frigates.

Earlier, Moscow and New Delhi signed a contract for delivery of four project 11356 frigates. The deal envisages the construction of two frigates at the Kaliningrad-based JSC Shipyard Yantar enterprise in Russia. The other two frigates are to be built at the Goa Shipyard in India.

Alexei Rakhamov, the head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, told journalists that it would take Russia three years to build the frigates.

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