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IMDEX 2019: ST Engineering upgraded SkyArcher Counter Drone System.

| 2019

At IMDEX 2019, Asia Pacific's premier international maritime defence show, ST Engineering has announced the launch of its upgraded SkyArcher Counter Drone System that enables the safe takedown of unauthorised drones, landing them at designated safe zones without damaging legitimate drones or causing any public safety and security issues.

ST Engineering upgraded SkyArcher Counter Drone System Singapore IMDEX 2019 925 001ST Engineering SkyArcher Counter Drone System. (Picture source ST Engineering)

The first such solution of its kind in Singapore, the SkyArcher does not interfere with the communications signals of surrounding authorized drones as well as other communications signals in a radio frequency dense urban environment. It is also capable of taking over multiple drones and landing them safely at designated locations, regardless of their flying direction and number of drones.

The SkyArcher Counter Drone System detects, identifies and disrupts unauthorized drones which may pose public safety and security concerns in an urban and radio frequency (RF) dense environment. It comprises an RF and visual detection module, control and synchronisation module, and an effector module to provide all-around RF and visual detection of intruding or unknown flying objects.

The SkyArcher provides seamless operations and sensor fusion that intelligently collates the detection sensors’ data, to classify and identify target flying objects. When necessary, the SkyArcher can electronically disrupt or take control of targeted drones

These enhanced features make the SkyArcher a highly suitable counter drone solution for critical infrastructure protection including coastal surveillance.

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