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IMDEX 2019: ST Engineering launches Super Swift series Fast Patrol Boats.

| 2019

ST Engineering’s launches new naval defense products at the International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (IMDEX) 2019 to demonstrate its diverse capabilities as a Total Naval Defense and Security Solutions provider. One of the new products is the Super Swift series for homeland security.

ST Engineering launches Super Swift series Fast Patrol Boats Singapore IMDEX 2019 925 002Drawing of Swift 25 Picture ultra-high speed Fast Patrol Boat (Picture source ST Engineering)

The Super Swift series is a range of ultra-high speed Fast Patrol Boats (FPB) designed for interdiction, interception and patrolling. Customized for military and law enforcement applications, each FPB features an Air Cavity Hull (ACH) that enables the craft to reach high speeds of up to 70 knots, depending on the craft size.

Significant improvements in ride and crew comfort levels are key characteristics of Super Swift – ACH series, with reduced ship motions and acceleration. Users will enjoy exceptionally high seakeeping and survivability abilities with this new series of vessels which is best suited for very high-speed activities such as pursuit and arrest, search and rescue, offshore patrolling and escort, surveillance and covert surveillance, as well as border patrol.

The SWIFT series of Interceptors is designed with an optimized air-entrapment hull form for high speed, stability and maneuverability. It is equipped with small caliber forward gun and RWS and EOD for target identification and engagement and complemented with light machine guns for all round coverage.

The SWIFT series is propelled either by waterjets or surface piercing propellers. The series forms an integral part of the total coastal surveillance and quick response system in and around ports, and also for the protection of offshore installations.

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