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France and Egypt carry out joint naval drills in Meditarranean.

| 2019

Egyptian and French naval forces carried out joint drills in the Mediterranean Sea on August 6 to support security, stability in region.

France and Egypt carry out joint naval drills in Meditarranean The French Marine Nationale anti-air frigate Jean Bart (Picture source: US Navy)

According to the statement, the naval exercise was carried out at the Mediterranean’s northern fleet by French frigate Jean Bart and Egyptian frigate Damietta.

The Jean Bart is a Cassard-class anti-air frigate of the French Marine Nationale. The primary role of the Jean Bart ship is to provide air cover for a fleet, an aeronaval group, a convoy & a littoral point. The Cassard frigates are armed with one Mk 13 launcher for the 40 Standard SM-1MR anti-air missiles. The missiles have semi-active rader homing out to 46 km (29 mi) at Mach 2 with a ceiling limit of 18,288 m (60,000 ft).£

The Damietta is Knox class frigate which is ex-US Navy ships currently remaining in service with the Navies of Republic of China (Taiwan), Mexico, Turkey, Thailand and Egypt. The Knox Class frigates are deployed in a range of missions including anti-submarine warfare (ASW), protection of commercial shipping and coastal defence operations. 

The Knox Class frigates are armed with an Mk-16 eight-cell missile launcher for ASROC and Harpoon missiles, and a RIM-7 Sea Sparrow basic point defence missile system (BPDMS) or Phalanx close-in weapon system (CIWS). The Sea Sparrow missile can be used against the low-flying aircraft approaching the ship. Four single tube launchers are fitted for Mark 46 torpedoes. The main gun installed forward is a 127mm 54 caliber Mark 42 gun.

“The exercise come under the framework of supporting pillars of joint cooperation between the Egyptian and French armed forces, contributing in enhancing skills and exchanging expertise (…) in support of maritime security and stability in the region,” the Egyptian Armed Forces said in a statement.

The training included preparations and planning to execute combat activities in the sea and other activities like the use of helicopters to support navy formations in different missions.

The drill also included boosting measures of maritime security at areas of operation by maritime units and exercising on various scenarios which involve the right to visit, board, search and seizure (VBSS) for suspected ships.

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