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China developped maritime rescue center in South China Sea.

| 2019

On Tuesday 29th January, China's Ministry of Transport established a maritime rescue center in Yongshu reef of the Nansha Islands. This new center is to permit better protection of the navigation and transport in the disputed South China Sea.

China developped maritime rescue center in South China Sea Design picture of the new rescue facilities in the Nansha islands (Picture source : Scoopnest)

Many would say this brand new rescue center could be part of the Chinese military strategy that aims to claim territorial exclusivity on the South China Sea. Though, China already sent a rescue ship to Zhubi reef of the Nansha Islands in July 2018 for some operations. These islands appear to be important to China. Therefore, China seems legitimate establishing this rescue station, helping its rescue vessels to act faster and more efficiently near those islands.

Even though, it may remain a concern for the US armed forces. Actually, it is well-known that China is used to cover up military activities under civil ones (such as with its flotilla of fishermen boats). In a context of great tension in this maritime area, where the US Navy and the Chinese one are eying at each other carefully, some Chinese implantations may disguise some Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) systems.

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