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Admiral Nakhimov cruiser ready 50 percent.

| 2019

The Admiral Nakhimov heavy nuclear cruiser of project 11442M overhauled and upgraded by Sevmash Shipyard is 50 percent ready. It will join the Navy in late 2022, Deputy Defense Minister Alexey Krivoruchko said.

Admiral Nakhimov cruiser ready 50 percent 925 001 The Admiral Nakhimov in the dry dock at Sevmash (Picture source: Sevmash)

"It will be the most powerful warship of the Navy. We checked the progress of work. The cruiser is 50 percent ready," he said.

The Defense Ministry strictly finances the overhaul and disbursed 29.5 bln rubles this year. "We agreed with Sevmash and expect to receive the warship in late 2022. There is no doubt about the deadline," he said.

The Admiral Nakhimov will be armed with long-range weapons. It will be defended by Fort-M and Pantsir-M and armed with powerful antisubmarine Paket-NK and Otvet weapons.

The cruiser was laid on May 17, 1983, as the Kalinin. It was floated on April 25, 1986, and joined the Northern fleet in 1988. It was renamed into the Admiral Nakhimov in 1992. It has been berthed at Sevmash since 1999. The decision to restore the warship was made in 2012. An overhaul contract was signed in 2013. The Admiral Nakhimov will be able to fire Kalibr and Onix, as well as Tsirkon missiles. The displacement is 24500 tons, the length is 251 meters. Full speed power is 140000 HP, the speed is 31 knots. The crew comprises 728 men. The cruiser can carry a Ka-27 helicopter or its modifications.

The Admiral Nakhimov is the third battlecruiser of the Russian Navy Kirov class. The ship was originally commissioned into service with the Soviet Navy in the 1980s, known back then as the Kalinin.

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