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Video: Naval Group Latest Innovations at Euronaval 2018.

| 2018

For the 50th edition of Euronaval exhibition Naval Group is showcasing state-of-art innovations created for modern navies, demonstrating its capabilities in modern military ship and submarine building along with high tech solutions for systems and competence as leading naval integrator.

Video Naval Group Latest Innovations at Euronaval 2018 SMX 31 SMX 31 submarine concept ship

SMX® 31 submarine concept ship

Naval Group presents a disruptive submarine to serve a new vision of combat. It has new sensors, a new coating and allows for the use of drones. The Electric can help navies gather and share valuable intelligence without ever being detected thanks to the powerful acoustic, optronic and electromagnetic sensors. It is capable of acting firmly using powerful new generation weapons. It presents several assets including the extreme stealth when submerged, the increased invulnerability against modern weapons, the energy autonomy and its endurance.

Our video coverage of Naval Group at Euronaval 2018

Surface ship design lab
An interactive application proposing different scenarios combining capacity and technological options through a dozen predefined sketches allowing navies to conceive a ship responding to their specific needs.

Digital combat bridge
Naval Group is innovating in the field of Asymmetric Threat Control (LCMA) with a value offer on strengthening tactical situation control under all weather conditions and over 360° vision. The demonstrator on the stand will offer a clear, intuitive and ergonomic representation of the situation at sea as well as tools for taking simple and quick actions in the face of threats.

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