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Russian Navy Completes Upgrade of Bester Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle.

| 2018

Along with continued supplies of rescue means, the Russian Navy practically completed the upgrade of all operational deep-water rescue craft. They were overhauled and modernized and can continue effective operations for at least 15 years, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Russia Navy completes upgrade Bester Project 18270 underwater rescue craft Project 18280 Bester DSRV. Russian MoD picture.

"The last to be upgraded is the Bester deep-water rescue craft of project 18270. It is at the final modernization stage and will be handed over to the Northern fleet in 2019," it said.

Bester is designed for rescue of submarines in distress from the seabed of up to 720 meters deep and for inspecting objects and engaging in underwater work. Modernized by Kanoner shipyard in St. Petersburg Bester will develop into the second craft of project 18271 which is a development of project 18270. Bester-1 is operational in the search-and-rescue service of the Pacific fleet.

The share of modern warships, boats and deep-water craft in the Russian Navy will exceed 70 percent by 2020.

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