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Russian MoD to Procure 18 MR-232 Bussol-S Coastal Radars before 2020.

| 2018

The Russian Defense Ministry plans to purchase eighteen MR-232 Bussol-S stationary coastal radar stations before 2020 to control the surface picture. The contract costs a total of 105.3 million rubles, according to the ministry’s state procurement portal.

Russian MoD to Procure 18 MR 232 Bussol S Coastal Radars before 2020 MR-232 Bussol-S coastal radar (trailer version)

"The Russian Defense Ministry has announced a closed auction for the delivery of an MR-232 stationary coastal radar station for controlling the surface picture," the portal said adding that the radar stations would be installed in the cities of Murmansk, Kronstadt, Sevastopol and Partizansk- 14 (the Primorye region).

Deliveries are due to take place before November 10, 2020.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry said that it wanted to create a continuous radar field to control the surface picture in its territorial waters and was planning to buy special Bussol-S coastal radar stations in pursuit of that goal. The Russian Defense Ministry believes that the radars will cover the northern (Murmansk) and the western (Kronstadt) directions in 2018 and the eastern and southern directions in 2019.

One Bussol-S coastal radar station can automatically track up to 50 objects simultaneously in any weather irrespective of any interferences, which the adversary may create. The radar station can detect all kinds of - floating objects: from a fishing boat to an ocean liner ship. Bussol-S has another distinguishing feature, which differs it from all the existing radio-technical means that are in service with Russian fleet units. The radar’s operation range of up to 40 kilometers makes it possible to track the situation not only in the territorial waters but also at approaches to them.

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