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Russian Amphibious Landing Ship Ivan Gren Completes Acceptance Trials.

| 2018

The Ivan Gren big landing ship of project 11711 built by Yantar shipyard for the Russian Navy completed government acceptance trials and will be handed over to the customer shortly, shipyard representatives told TASS.

Russian Amphibious Landing Ship Ivan Gren Completes Acceptance Trials The landing ship "Ivan Gren", project 11711 built at the PJSC "Baltic Shipyard" Yantar during the State Trials, 2018 (c) JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation"

"The acceptance act for the Ivan Gren was signed on June 2. It will be ready for handover after a revision and painting," he said, but refused to disclose the exact date.

Acceptance trials began in November 2017 but were suspended in December by the customer to eliminate exposed technical problems. In March an expert panel of the Navy allowed resuming trials on April 3, 2018.

The Ivan Gren of project 11711 is designed for seaborne coastal assault and transportation of hardware and equipment. In peacetime the warship engages in humanitarian operations. The ro-ro ship has a pass-through for armor from the stern to the bow ramp on the tank deck. It has a two-island superstructure and a hangar in the stern for one helicopter. However the sliding device increases the hangar length to accommodate two Ka-29 rotorcraft. The deployment of Ka-52K is possible. The hull and the superstructure are made of steel. The warship can carry 13 tanks or 36 APCs, as well as 300-380 marines or 1500 tons of cargoes. Artillery arms include one 30mm AK-630M-2 Duet and two 30mm AK-630M. The displacement is 5000 tons, the length is 120 meters and the width - 16.5 meters. The speed is 18 knots, navigation duration is 30 days and the crew comprises 100 men.

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The main landing ship "Ivan Gren", project 11711 built at the PJSC "Baltic Shipyard" Yantar "during the State Tests, 2018 (c) JSC" United Shipbuilding Corporation "
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