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Kaspiysk to Become Main Naval Base of Russia's Caspian Flottila.

| 2018

A full-fledged naval base will be built in Kaspiysk, Russian Defense Minister General Sergei Shoigu has said.

Kaspiysk to Become Main Naval Base of Russias Caspian Flottila Project 11661K Gepard-class Dagestan frigate of the Caspian Flottila launching Kalibr-NK in early October 2015

"I would like to emphasize that a modern naval base equipped with engineering, navigational-hydrographic and logistics support systems should be built in Kaspiysk," Shoigu told a conference devoted to development of the Caspian flotilla’s deployment base.

Shoigu noted that it was vitally important to organize repairs and maintenance of the Caspian flotilla’s ships and vessels at a new home base with account taken of the ship repairing capacities of the region.

A decision to redeploy the Caspian flotilla from Astrakhan to the territory of Dagestan (North Caucasus) was adopted in 2017.

Location of Kaspiysk

"Engineering survey work is currently under way with an aim to develop the Caspian Bay and build facilities in the port of Makhachkala. The buildings and structures necessary for deploying the 177th marine infantry regiment, which started to be formed this year, have undergone a major overhaul, which has almost been completed by now. Training and material facilities are being created for a special detachment that will fight against subversive underwater forces and weapons," Shoigu said at the conference held in Kaspiysk.

Today, Kaspiysk looks like a great construction site where new berths, piers, service centers and housing are being built.

Berths and hydro-technical facilities are being built in stages in Makhachkala for deploying ships, boats and vessels. The construction of life-sustaining facilities, warehouses and training centers is also underway.

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