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GD NASSCO Begins Construction of 1st T-AO Fleet Oiler for U.S. Navy.

| 2018

On September 20, 2018, General Dynamics NASSCO, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics, began construction on the future USNS John Lewis (T-AO 205), the first ship for the U.S. Navy’s John Lewis fleet oiler program.

GD NASSCO Begins Construction of 1st T AO Fleet Oiler for U.S. Navy Artist impression of the John Lewis class (TAO-205), previously known as the TAO(X).

Representatives from NASSCO and the U.S. Navy gathered in San Diego for a ceremony to cut the first piece of steel, signifying the start of construction for the first of six vessels for the U.S. Navy. Construction of the first ship is scheduled to be complete in November 2020.

Designed to transfer fuel to U.S. Navy carrier strike group ships operating at sea, the oilers will feature the capacity to carry 157,000 barrels of oil, a significant dry cargo capacity, aviation capability and a speed of 20 knots. “These oilers are critical to the Navy’s ability to operate around the world,” said Kevin Graney, President of General Dynamics NASSCO. We are honored to build the lead ship of this class and have worked with our Navy and industry partners to ensure the design, planning, material and facility are ready to begin construction. ”

The U.S. Navy anticipates that the TAO-205 class design (Figure 5) will have capabilities similar to those of the Kaiser-class ships, and will rely on existing technologies rather than new technologies. To guard against oil spills, TAO-205s are to be double-hulled, like modern commercial oil tankers, with a space between the two hulls to protect the inner hull against events that puncture the outer hull. (The final Kaiser-class ships are double-hulled, but earlier ships in the class are single hull).

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