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Euronaval 2018: Mitsubishi from Japan new concept of Future Multi-Mission Frigate.

| 2018

New concept of Future Multi-Mission Frigate presented at Euronaval 2018 by the Japanese Company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The goal of this Multi-Mission Frigate is to come out with a vessel with similar or greater capabilities compared to the Akizuki-class of destroyers but on a smaller, smarter frigate design.

Mitsubishi from Japan new concept of Future Multi Mission Frigate Euronaval 2018 925 001 Scale model of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Future Multi-Mission Frigate at Euronaval 2018 (Picture source Navy Recognition)

Mitsubishi Company representative believes this design could match potential export customers, for this reason the Japanese company is showcasing its design at Euronaval 2018.

According Mitsubishi Heavy Industries brochure, the Future Multi-Mission Frigate is set to have a standard displacement of approximately 6,000 tons, a length of 130 meters and width of 16 meters. The top speed is set to be in excess of 30 knots.

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Future Multi-Mission Frigate is:

- Stealthy (applying MHI's radar and acoustic stealth technology),
- Smart (automated damage control system based on distributed sensors, ship resource management and maneuver control)
- Scalable (modular compartment to accommodate the payload for greater mission requirements)

According to our first analysis of the scale model showed at Euronaval 2018, the vessel will be fitted with a BAE Systems 5 inch Mark 45 naval gun system, 16x Mk41 VLS cells for surface to air missiles, 8x anti-ship missiles (likely XSSM because of the shape of the canisters), a Raytheon SeaRAM short range missile launcher on top of the helicopter hangar, torpedo and decoy launchers.

As far as sensors are concerned, the Future Multi-Mission Frigate is fitted with a multi-function radar (in an integrated mast possibly from NEC), Electro Optic sensors, variable depth sonar and passive towed array as well as a hull mounted mine countermeasure sonar. 30DX will be able to deploy and recover UUV, USV, helicopter as well as sea mines.

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