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Borey-B-class SSBN R&D has to be redone says United Shipbuilding Corporation.

| 2018

The R&D of the concept of Borey-B-class SSBN of project 955B was accomplished but has to be redone, head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation Alexey Rakhmanov said.

SSBN Yuri Dolgoruky project 955 Russia The K-535 Yuriy Dolgorukiy, first Project 955 Borey-class SSBN

"I believe we can talk about it in late 2018. Borey-B concept R&D was fulfilled last year. The conceptual design was unsatisfactory in economic feasibility. We shall return to the issue," he said.

Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Korolev earlier said the time of project 955B construction will be known after detailed design.

The Russian Navy has three nuclear submarines of project 955 (the Yuri Dolgoruky, the Alexander Nevsky, the Vladimir Monomakh). Each of them can carry 16 solid-fuel Bulava ICBM. Five submarines of project 955A are being built. The final U-boat of the series, the Knyaz Pozharsky was laid in December 2016.

The United Shipbuilding Corporation plans to hand over 11 warships to the Navy this year. "In 2018 there are 11 warships, including overhauled ones," Rakhmanov said.

The Russian Navy currently operates three Project 955 Borei-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines, i.e. the Yuri Dolgoruky, the Alexander Nevsky and the Vladimir Monomakh. They are armed with Bulava (NATO reporting name: SS-NX-32) solid-propellant intercontinental ballistic missiles. Each submarine can carry up to 16 missiles of the type. Five more Project 955A submarines are currently under construction. The last submarine in the series, the Knyaz Pozharsky, was laid down in December 2016.

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