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Balt Military Expo 2018: Leonardo Unveils MPA variant of the MC-27J ISR.

| 2018

At Balt Military Expo 2018, the naval defense exhibition currently held in Gdansk, Poland, Italian company Leonardo unveiled a scale model showing an MC-27J ISR aircraft configured as a maritime patrol aircraft (MPA).

Balt Military Expo 2018 Leonardo Unveils MPA variant of the MC 27J ISR 1The MC-27J ISR scale model configured for Maritime Patrol at Balt Military Expo 2018. Note the ASuW and ASW weapons as well as the openings to deploy sonobuyos.

The scale model unveiled at the show is fitted with 2x MBDA MARTE ER anti-ship missiles for anti-surface warfare (ASuW) missions and two MU90 lightweight torpedoes for anti-submarie warfare (ASW).

The MC-27J is also fitted with sensors dedicated to MPA missions: an underbelly Seaspray 7500 radar, EO/IR system, SIGINT/COMINT antennas, a magnetic anomaly detector (MAD) boom at the tail and 6x holes under the fuselage to deploy up to 60x sonobuoys.

According to company representatives at the show, with this configuration the MC-27J answers MPA requirements of several customers, including a potential need in Poland.

Balt Military Expo 2018 Leonardo Unveils MPA variant of the MC 27J ISR 2MPA variant of MC-27J fitted with Marte ER anti-ship missiles

This MC-27J retains its mission kits/pallets features: With a modular roll-on/roll-off system approach, the mission kits are designed for minimal airframe modification and offer acquisition and operating costs significantly lower than a dedicated platform.

Company representatives stressed that the aircraft can be reconfigured in a matters of hours (not days) for different missions.

Balt Military Expo 2018 Leonardo Unveils MPA variant of the MC 27J ISR 3Detailed view of the MAD boom on the MC-27J

According to Leonardo, the C-27Jvariants grouped under the MC-27J name are designed to cope with the current and future operational scenarios, requiring a flexible, effective and efficient multi-mission aircraft, quickly reconfigurable thanks to modular roll-on/roll-off systems to be, from time to time, a C3-ISR (Command, Control, Communication, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance), SIGINT (SIGnal INTelligence) or Fire Support asset.

Typical sensors and equipment which can be installed on the MC-27J in accordance with the specific customer requirements include:
• AESA Search radar, providing world classleading MP/SAR capabilities across maritime, overland and airborne domains.
• Electro-Optical/Infra-Red (EO/IR) system, in a stabilized platform.
• Electronic Support Measures (ESM) to detect, locate and identify radar emitting targets, essential for ISR and ELINT missions but also valuable in MP tasks, especially in hostile areas.
• Palletised, quickly removable Mission System to manage the sensors, analyze the gathered information and perform a true Data Fusion, providing both the operators and pilots with a detailed, real time overall tactical picture.
• Enhanced Communication System connected to the Mission System, including additional VUHF radios, data links and SATCOM capabilities.
• Gun Pallet: highly accurate gun mounted on a standard 463L pallet, able to fire through the LH rear door thanks to a specifically designed door
gun barrel interface plug.

Balt Military Expo 2018 Leonardo Unveils MPA variant of the MC 27J ISR 4MPA variant of MC-27J fitted with MU90 torpedoes


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