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UDT 2017: Saab Unveils its New Lightweight Torpedo.

| 2017
UDT 2017 Show News - Saab Lightweight Torpedo
UDT 2017: Saab Unveils its New Lightweight Torpedo
Defence and security company Saab rolled out its New Lightweight Torpedo at the Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) 2017 exhibition currently held in Bremen, Germany. It is the first time Saab demonstrates the system, ordered by the Swedish Defence Material Administration in 2016, to the global defence market.
UDT 2017: Saab Unveils its New Lightweight TorpedoSaab's new lightweight torpedo at UDT 2017
According to Saab, the new torpedo is a flexible, advanced anti-submarine warfare solution for littoral conditions. The torpedo's wire control system enables operator support, allowing commanders to engage targets in close vicinity of friendly units as well as in narrow spaces. This makes it the ideal solution for littorals and resistant to a variety of countermeasures. It has been designed for difficult hydroacoustic situations. It is suitable for use against challenging tragets or for navigating narrow passages. This is achieved through near-neutral buoyancy that facilitates good maneuvrability and low speeds. It can be launched from surface ships, aircraft and submarines, in both anti-submarine and anti-surface roles. It works equally well in littoral and blue waters and in cold, warm and brackish conditions.The torpedo has a speed in excess of 40 knots, an endurance of more than 20Km and a maximum depth in excess of 300 meters.

In May 2016 the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) placed an order for the development and production of New Lightweight Torpedo system. The total order value of the development program amounts to approximately SEK1.53 billion and deliveries are scheduled during the period 2016-2024.
UDT 2017: Saab Unveils its New Lightweight TorpedoSaab's new lightweight torpedo at UDT 2017
“This is the first time we showcase this new and ground-breaking torpedo system to the market. Saab is today the only supplier developing a brand new torpedo system ready for the modern threats. It is a flexible system that suits perfectly for navies operating in both littoral and blue waters”, says Anne-Marie Vösu, head of business unit Underwater Systems within Saab business area Dynamics.

“The development program goes as planned, and during the fall we will conduct the first water tests at our own test facility. Since we received the order from Sweden we have seen a great interest for this system so we will stay in close contact with interested countries”
, continues Anne-Marie Vösu.

Saab has over the years established a unique experience and expertise in developing underwater systems, for shallow waters and the types of environments that exist in the Baltic Sea, including adapted propulsion, communications and target seekers.

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