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Russian Navy Future Project 20385 Corvette Gremyashchy 65% Completed.

| 2017
Naval Industry News - Russia
Russian Navy Future Project 20385 Corvette Gremyashchy 65% Completed
Severnaya Verf shipyard (part of USC) continues outfitting work on the lead corvette of Project 20385. The technical readiness of the corvette has reached 65%, the shipyard’s press service reported.
Project 20385 Gremyaschiy Corvette Russian Navy "Gremyaschy", the first Project 20385 corvette being built for the Russian Navy was launched at the Severnaya Verf Shipyard (Northern Shipyard) in St. Petersburg on June 30, 2017. Picture by Curious / via bmpd
"The shipyard’s personnel is finishing electrical installation of weapons and special equipment on board the Gremyaschy. Cabin lining continues, domestic sewage, general ship hydraulics and air conditioning systems are being installed on board the ship. Advance outfitting for flooring and the installation of electrical equipment are underway. Cabling to all ship systems is being is completed. The total length of power and low-current cables on board the corvette is almost 300 km. Workers began to plate the galley, and after this work is completed, installation of stoves, ovens and other galley equipment will begin," said the press service.

The deployment of the personnel is scheduled for the spring of 2018. The lead ship of Project 20385 is expected to be transferred to the Navy in 2018.
Video on the sensor suite and combat system aboard Project 20385
The Project 20385 guided missile corvettes are designed to detect and destroy enemy submarines and surface ships, support amphibious landing, as well as accomplish various tasks in the near sea zone. The corvette has a displacement of 2500 tons, a length of 106 meters, a beam of 13 meters, a speed of up to 27 knots, a cruising range of 3500 miles, endurance of 15 days, and a crew of 99 people. Its main power plant consists of two 1DDA-1200 diesel-diesel units. The armament suite includes a 100 mm A-190-01 universal gun, two 30 mm AK-630M close-in weapon systems (CIWS), a Kalibr universal missile system, a Redut surface-to-air (SAM) missile system, a Paket anti-submarine warfare (ASW) system and a Ka-27 ASW shipborne helicopter.

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