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NAVDEX 2017: Navantia Unveiled its Frigate Proposal for the Royal Saudi Navy.

| 2017
NAVDEX 2017 Online News Coverage - Navantia Frigate for Saudi Arabia
NAVDEX 2017: Navantia Unveiled its Frigate Proposal for the Royal Saudi Navy
At NAVDEX 2017, the international naval defense exhibition which was taking place in Abu Dhabi, UAE, last week, Navantia unveiled the Frigate design it is proposing for the Royal Saudi Navy. Navantia representatives at NAVDEX 2017 told Navy Recognition that this Frigate design is based on their F-538 proposal for the Peruvian Navy (unveiled at NAVDEX 2015) and belongs to the AVANTE 2200 Combatant family.
Navantia Avante 2200 Frigate Royal Saudi Navy 1 The Frigate design proposed by Navantia to the Royal Saudi Navy is based of the F-538.
According to various open sources, Saudi Arabia is currently reviewing proposals from Navantia and Lockheed Martin for five to six frigate-like vessels for the Royal Saudi Navy Eastern Fleet. As we reported previously, the offer from Lockheed Martin is based on the Freedom-class Littoral Combat Ship currently being delivered to the US Navy.
Navantia Avante 2200 Frigate Royal Saudi Navy 2Detailed view of the front end of the frigate.
The CGI on display at NAVDEX 2017 showed a design similar to the F-538 for Peru but fitted with some different weapons and sensors: (from left to right)
- 1x Raytheon RAM launcher (21x RAM block A1 missiles) on top of the helicopter hangar
- 2x BAE Systems Bofors 40Mk4 40mm naval gun systems
- 2x Triple torpedo launcers
- 2x4 Boeing Harpoon anti-ship missile launchers
- 1x TRS-4D multi-mode radar
- 1x Fire Control Radar
- 1x Hull mounted sonar
- 2x 12.7mm remote weapon stations (likely Narwhal by Nexter or Hitrole by Leonardo) fitted on top of the bridge
- 16x VLS for ESSM or VL Mica surface to air missiles located forward, behind the main gun
- 1x 76mm main gun by Leonardo
Navantia Avante 2200 Frigate Royal Saudi Navy 3Detailed view of the stern of the frigate.
The helicopter deck and hangar can accomodate a medium size helicopter. The helicopter deck is stretched to received two standard size containers for added capabilities (as shown in the CGI). According to Navantia, the F-538 was designed with great attention focused on low radiated noise, reduced radar cross section, low infra red signature, low magnetic signature and low electric signature. The propulsion system is CODAD type (Combined diesel and diesel).

F-538 main characteristics:
Length overall: 113.2m
Maximum beam: 15.6m
Draught: 4.7m
Full load displacement: 3800 t
Max. Speed: 30 kn
Range: 4000 nm
Crew: 143 + 7
Propulsion: CODAD 4x 10,000 kW diesels

Four vessels of the AVANTE 2200 family have already been selected by the Navy of Venezuela, the Guaiquerí class patrol vessels (slightly smaller than the F-538 design, with a length of 99 meters and displacement of 2,419 tons).
Navantia Avante 2200 Frigate Royal Saudi Navy 4 Scale model of the F-538 Frigate design being offered to Peru at NAVDEX 2017.

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