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Navantia and Carlos III University to Collaborate on F-110 Frigate Combat System Development.

| 2017
Naval Industry News - Spain
Navantia and Carlos III University to Collaborate on F-110 Frigate Combat System Development
Spanish shipbuilder Navantia has signed a contract with the Carlos III University of Madrid to support the Applied Artificial Intelligence Research Group of the Department of Informatics for the development of the SCOMBA combat management system (CMS) for the F-110 Frigate. F-110 is a future class of frigate for the Spanish Navy. Under this agreement, the University will support Navantia in the development of new data fusion and association capabilities, whose objective is to optimize the integration of the information received in SCOMBA from the different sensors aboard F-110. This will allow the operators have better information on the tactical situation at all times.
Navantia and Carlos III University to Collaborate on F-110 Frigate Combat System DevelopmentF-110 Frigate scale model on display at SNA 2017
SCOMBA, which began its journey in Navantia, specifically in its Systems Center in San Fernando (Cádiz) in 2004, is the CMS fitted on all last generation vessel of the Spanish Navy, such as the Aircraft Carrier Juan Carlos I, the Supply Vessel Cantabria and the 6 BAM OPVs.

SCOMBA is the result of an effort of close collaboration between Navantia and the Spanish Navy for the development of a unique CMS for the entire fleet of ships, independent of their configuration differences or missions and developed from its origin to the needs of the navy.

Since the end of 2015, under contract with the Ministry of Defense, Navantia Sistemas has been working on the development of a new version of the SCOMBA System for the F-110 Frigates, with ambitious content, both in the development of new tactical capabilities and the integration of new sensors and weapons, as in the modernization of its design through the use of the latest development and processing technologies, giving the system greater efficiency in its operation and life cycle.

The Research Group of Applied Artificial Intelligence of the Department of Informatics of Carlos III University, which has extensive experience in the field of data fusion for civil and defense systems, expands with this contract the list of large companies with the Which has collaborated to date.
Lockheed Martin role in the F-110 program
About F-110
The Spanish Navy will be replacing the "Santa Maria" class FFG Frigate with F-110 Frigate around 2025. The F-110 Frigate is not only focused on substituting the functionality of the "Santa Maria" class but also in providing solutions to facing latest threats and performing future expected missions.

The project key features are:
Blue and littoral water operations
Reduced crew
Efficiency in terms of operating and life cycle costs
High level of survivability (reduced probability of detection / ability to withstand attacks and complete the mission)
Comprehensive combat system suite covering all warfare areas: AAW, ASW, EW, assymetric warfare
Mission module capability (two helicopters, UXVs...)

From the start of the program, Navantia has been cooperating closely with the Spanish Navy in the requirements for a 21st century frigate and in 2015 Navantia signed a contract with the Spanish MoD for the development of the project definition phase. In parallel, a suite of technological R&D programs have been initiated looking to acquire the latest innovations to be incorporated in the F-110 program.

For 2017, the main milestone is the ship platform system defenition review (SDR).

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