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IDEX 2017: New capabilities for Rheinmetall’s MASS ship protection system.

| 2017
NAVDEX 2017 Online News Coverage - Rheinmetall MASS
IDEX 2017: New capabilities for Rheinmetall’s MASS ship protection system
Rheinmetall continues to expand its family of Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) ship protection systems. At IDEX 2017 the Düsseldorf, Germany-based specialist for security and mobility is showcasing two variants of this tried-and-tested decoy launcher system: the MASS_OCR with off-board corner reflector and the new standalone version MASS Stand Alone with Sensor Suite for smaller units.
ADSB Signing Lockheed MartinMASS Decoy Launcher on Rheinmetall stand at IDEX 2017
The MASS_OCR version features special deception and diversion capabilities. Each launcher is armed with two off-board corner rockets that produce ship-like radar signatures. Programmed for a range of between 35 and 850 metres, the effects they produce last for over 60 seconds.

Rheinmetall has developed MASS Stand Alone with Sensor Suite, a standalone system with a built-in sensor suite designed especially for smaller seagoing units. The number of launchers is variable – typically one or two, though this number can be increased. The system comes with a sensor suite with radar and laser warner, a control unit and energy supply.
Rheinmetall MASS Arialah IDEX 2017MASS Decoy Launcher fitted aboard Arialah Patrol Vessel of the UAE Coast Guards at NAVDEX 2017
The automated MASS decoy system offers a unique degree of protection against modern, sensor-guided projectiles, covering all relevant wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. MASS can be installed on any type of vessel. Moreover, it can be integrated into an existing command and weapon engagement system or operate as a standalone system.

Ordinarily, MASS consists of between one and six trainable launchers that can fire 32 special effect charges. Each launcher comes with a control unit and a data interface (Ethernet/RS422 or other standard interface).

Apart from the standard and OCR versions, four other variants are available as special options. The MASS_ISS (Integrated Sensor Suite) features integrated radar ESM systems as well as laser warning systems. The MASS_ATD (Anti Torpedo Decoy) provides a built-in anti-torpedo capability. Similar to the standard version, the MASS OMNI TRAP mmW is equipped with added millimetre wave radar technology for defeating the latest generation of guided missiles, while MASS_DUERAS employs additional Düppel radar decoy rockets.

On the market since 2002, MASS is already in service with numerous navies worldwide.

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