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IDEF 2017: STM Unveils its TF4500 Anti-Air Warfare Frigate.

| 2017
IDEF 2017 Naval News - TF4500 Anti-Air Frigate
IDEF 2017: STM Unveils its TF4500 Anti-Air Warfare Frigate
At IDEF 2017, the international defense exhibition currently held in Istanbul, Turkey, STM unveiled today the TF4500 Anti-Air Warfare Frigate.
IDEF 2017: STM Unveils its TF4500 Anti-Air Warfare FrigateThe TF4500 Frigate on STM stand at IDEF 2017
TF4500 is a monohull vessel designed to perform anti-air warfare duties on the open seas, under heavy sea conditions, equipped with gas turbine and diesel propulsion system. STM engineers focused on stealth when designing this vessel, the end result is a surface combatant featuring very futuristic lines

TF4500 has been designed for the following missions:
- Command and control
- Air defence
- Anti-surface warfare
- Air and surface surveillance and sea control including helicopter operations
- Engagement of surface and air targets
- EEZ monitoring and surveillance
- Anti-smuggling
- Vital sea lanes protection
TF4500 has the following capabilities and features:
- Operations up to sea state 6+
- Reduced radar cross section
- Reduced IR signature
- Reduced acoustic signature

The vessel is 150.36 meters in length overall, 16.50 meters in breadth with a draft of 4.50 meters and a displacement of 4500 tons. Its maximum speed is over 32 knots and its range is 7000 nautical miles at a speed of 18 knots. The crew complement is 140 sailors and the endurance of the frigate is 30 days.

Based on the model, TF4500 is fitted with a 76mm main gun, 2x 25mm RWS, 2x RAM launchers, 32x VLS cells, 16x Anti-ship missiles, decoy launchers, torpedo launchers and sonar system. The helicopter deck can accommodate a 10 tons-class helicopter.

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