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China's CSSC Unveiled the Type 730C Dual Gun and Missile CIWS.

| 2017
NAVDEX 2017 Online News Coverage - Type 730C CIWS with Missiles
China's CSSC Unveiled the Type 730C Dual Gun and Missile CIWS
During IDEX-NAVDEX, held from 19th to 23rd February in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, Chinese company CSSC (China Shipbuilding Trading Co. Ltd.) unveiled the Type 730C dual gun and missile close in weapon system (CIWS). It combines the existing Type 730 seven-barrelled 30 mm Gatling gun system (Chinese Navy designation: H/PJ12) with 6x FL-3000N (Flying Leopard 3000 Naval missile, Chinese Navy designation: AJK-10 or HQ-10).
Type 730C Dual Gun and Missile CIWS 1Type 730C dual gun and missile CIWS
According to a CSSC video, one set of fire control system uniformly manages missiles and ship borne guns to alternately hit incoming targets. SAM can work in conjunction with the guns to cope with two batches of incoming targets in order to enhance the capability of resisting saturation attacks.
Type 730C Dual Gun and Missile CIWS 2Type 730C dual gun and missile CIWS
Each 730C system comes with LR66 tracking radar and OC8 electro-optical tracker which can track and calculate two separate targets (fire on one, keep track of the other) at the same time. Contrary to exhisiting Type 730, these two sensors are not fitted on the CIWS on the new Type 730C variant (probably due to weight and EM interferences issues with the missiles). The whole system also comes with the SR64A search radar.

A single WCC-03 fire control console located in the ship CIC is used to control the Type 730C. There are also two associated cabinets: One for testing and training, the other being a "multifunctional exchange equipment".
Type 730C Dual Gun and Missile CIWS 3Type 730C dual gun and missile CIWS
Type 730C performance:
As provided by CSSC:

Gun ammunition capacity: 2x drums of 500 rounds each.
Three modes of gun firing rate: 4000 rd/min - 2000 rd/min and 1000 rd/min
Gun effective range: 2500 meters against missile (using APDS), 3500 meters against aircraft (using HE) and 5000 meters against surface targets (using HE).
Interception range: 1400 to 150 meters against missiles; 3500 to 150 meters against aircraft.

The system reaction time between receiving whole ship target designation data and the gun pointing to the target ballistic point is less than 6 second for the LR66 tracking radar channel and less than 6.5 seconds for the OC8 electro-optical channel.

Target processing capability: about 32 targets.
Threat displaying capability: about 8 targets
Interception envelope of guns: 150 meters to 2500 meters
Interception envelope of missiles: 2000 meters to 8000 meters

LR66 Radar detecting range:
Against air target of 2m² RCS: about 16 Km
Against surface target: Visual Range
Against sea skimming target 0.1m² RCS: about 6 Km

OC8 Operational range:
Under the conditions of visibillity not less than 23.5 Km, environmental temperature not more than 25°c, relative humidity not more than 80%:
The operational range against 2m² RCS target is not less than 14Km and not less than 7Km against 0.1m² RCS target.
Type 730C Dual Gun and Missile CIWS 4A destroyer fitted with 2x Type 730C dual gun and missile CIWS

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