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Sitep Italia exhibiting at Euronaval 2016.

| 2016
EURONAVAL 2016 Online Show Daily - Sitep Italia
Sitep Italia exhibiting at Euronaval 2016
At Euronaval, Sitep Italia, a company specialized in the design, development, manufacturing and support of advanced electronic systems for military and commercial applications since 1975 showcases its MASS Multirole Acoustic Stabilized System.
Sitep 001The Sitep MASS (MASS Multirole Acoustic Stabilized System)
Born as small manufacturer of military equipment for the Italian Navy, Sitep Italia has been constantly growing through the years. Sitep italia is today a worldwide recognized technology partner in the field of: Navigation, Communication, Security.

The MASS Multirole Acoustic Stabilized System has been designed for various purposes from ship self-defence and anti-piracy to rescue and survival operations.

The device is already installed on board the Italian Navy Horizon Class Ships, allows long distance (up to 3000 meters) of extremely loud audio messages with a very narrow beam.

It is equipped with a zoom camera (daylight and/or IR), that allows the operator to follow and record the target actions and with an extremely powerful search light usable to illuminate the target or disturbing it when used in stroboscopic mode.

As further deterrent the unit is equipped with a laser dazzler the function of which is to temporarily blind people on board a non authorized boat approaching the ship too closely.

The MASS is also equipped with a video tracker and a stabilized pedestal that allows to keep the target pointed during the ship navigation.



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