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Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov Departed for Syria Coast with Su-33 & Mig-29K Airwing.

| 2016
Naval Forces News - Russia
Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov Departed for Syria Coast with Su-33 & Mig-29K Airwing
The only Russian aircraft carrier (designated heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser) Admiral Kuznetsov left the 35th ship-maintenance dock in Murmansk and anchored in Severomorsk harbor, TASS correspondent reported on Friday. It appears that Russia's flagship set off Saturday for the Mediterranean Sea for combat duty at the coast of the Syrian Arab Republic. In late September Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the aircraft carrier will join the Mediterranean group of Russian warships.
Russia aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov 1 The Kuznetsov aircraft carrier in Severomorsk harbor with Su-33 (left) and Mig-29K/KUB (right) figthers on its deck, Friday.
Online sources said the Kuznetsov (hull #063) was joined in Severomorsk harbor by heavy nuclear-powered Petr Veliky missile cruiser of project 11442 (hull #099) and big anti-submarine ship Severomorsk (hull #619) of project 1155. They are likely to comprise the basis of the Russian naval force in eastern Mediterranean.

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy for armaments Viktor Bursuk earlier said the Admiral Kuznetsov will in the autumn sail out for at least three months. The aircraft carrier will continue testing its renewed air force which includes combat reconnaissance and attack seaborne helicopters Ka-52K and multipurpose MiG-29K/KUB fighter jets.

It was reported that tests onboard the Admiral Kuznetsov engaged MiG-29K/KUB fighters armed with guided air-to-air missiles of medium-range R-77 and short-range R-73. The aircraft were also armed with unguided fragmentation air bombs FAB-500M-54. Ka-52K helicopters taking off from the Admiral Kuznetsov were carrying external 550-liter fuel tanks.

Besides, the airwing of the Kuznetsov includes modernized seaborne Su-33 fighter jets equipped with specialized computer subsystem SVP-24 designed by Gefest&T bureau which allows hitting targets in Syria with unguided aircraft weapons.
Russia aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov 2 The Kuznetsov departing Severomorsk harbor Saturday with Petr Veliky cruiser (project 11442) and Severomorsk ASW destroyer (project 1155).
The Admiral Kuznetsov completed its latest long-range navigation in May 2014 and spent most of the time in the Mediterranean. After that the warship underwent technical readiness maintenance at the 35th ship-maintenance dock in Murmansk which was completed in summer.

The heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov of project 11435 is designated to win sea and air supremacy in the area of fleet operations to provide sustainability to the naval force, deliver airstrikes at enemy objects and support landing operations. The warship was commissioned in 1990. Its full displacement is 58000 tons and the length is 304.5 meters. The full speed power is 200,000 HP and the speed is close to 30 knots. Besides the air power of 24-26 fighter jets and 12 helicopters, the Admiral Kuznetsov is armed with anti-ship and anti-aircraft missile complexes. The warship has a takeoff jump and two aircraft lifts. The crew comprises 1300 men and the personnel of the air power are 660 men.

Heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser Petr Veliky of project 11442 is designated to destroy important surface targets and strike at coastal facilities, as well as provide air defense to a group of warships. The cruiser is armed with 130-mm caliber artillery gun AK-130, attack and anti-aircraft missile complexes, anti-aircraft artillery complexes Kortik and anti-submarine missile complex Vodopad. The warship was floated in 1989 and joined the Russian Navy in 1998.The displacement is 24500 tons and the length - 25 meters. Full speed power is 140000HP and the speed is 31 knots. The crew comprises 728 men. The cruiser can carry a Ka-27 helicopter or its modifications.

The big anti-submarine Severomorsk ship of project 1155 is designated to fight nuclear submarines of the potential adversary in the ocean zone, support the submarines of the Russian Navy and protect surface warships. Its full displacement is 7570 tons and the length is 163.5 meters. Maximum speed is 32 knots, the range is 5000 nautical miles at 14 knots. The big antisubmarine ships of project 1155 are armed with two artillery 100-mm caliber guns AK-100 and anti-submarine and anti-aircraft missile complexes. The weapons also include 553-mm torpedoes. The warship can carry two helicopters Ka-27 or its modifications.

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