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Russia to upgrade its Udaloy-class (Project 1155) Anti-Submarine Warfare Destroyers Sonars.

| 2016
Naval Forces News - Russia
Russia to upgrade its Udaloy-class (Project 1155) Anti-Submarine Warfare Destroyers Sonars
Russia’s Defense Ministry will spend over 75 million rubles ($1.2 million) on upgrading and repairing sonars of the Russian Navy Project 1155 large anti-submarine warfare (ASW) destroyers, and small ASW craft, according to the information posted on the state procurement website.
According to the website, the Defense Ministry is planning to repair, upgrade and extend the service life of sonar, hydro-physical and other systems of Russian Navy surface ships.

According to the website, the MGK-355 Polinom long-range sonar of the Northern Fleet’s large anti-submarine warfare ship Severomorsk will be upgraded.

Work will be conducted onboard the Pacific Fleet’s ships Admiral Vinogradov and Admiral Panteleyev to restore the technical readiness of their sonar and hydro-physical systems.

The MGK-335MS sonars and MG-339T Shelon-T dipping sonars of Project 1124, 1124M and 1331M small anti-submarine warfare ships in service with Russia’s Pacific, Black Sea and Baltic Fleets will be also repaired.

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