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DCNS to deconstruct Redoutable-class ballistic-missile nuclear submarines.

| 2016
Naval Industry News - France
DCNS to deconstruct Redoutable-class ballistic-missile nuclear submarines
DCNS has just been awarded the contract for the deconstruction of the hulls of five first-generation Redoutable-class ballistic-missile nuclear submarines (SSBNs), based in Cherbourg, by the DGA (French Defence Procurement Agency). This contract will proceed in two steps.
Redoutable class SSBN DCNS
Picture of a first-generation Redoutable-class ballistic-missile nuclear submarine (SSBN
Classified under environmental-protection regulations (ICPE), Dry Dock 5 on the DCNS site in Cherbourg, in which the hulls of five SSBNs are to be deconstructed, will in a first instance be refurbished. Significant work will be carried out by DCNS, including the refurbishment of the water pumping station, the renovation of the circuits (water and electricity), the installation of a ten-tonne rail crane, the installation of a clean room for asbestos removal and the installation of a waste-sorting platform. The entire shipyard will be closed, secured and equipped with controlled access.

After some twenty months of preparation of the shipyard area, the deconstruction of the first hull performed under the project management of DCNS will then start. The programme manager, DCNS will be supported by two subcontracted partners: the Veolia Group for the deconstruction and waste management and recycling, and Vinci Group for asbestos removal.

DCNS controls the entire submarine lifecycle: design, construction, maintenance and dismantling all the way through to deconstruction. In the case of dismantling and deconstruction, DCNS is developing processes and methods derived from its experience in nuclear power and based on the best practices observed around the world, and is taking all necessary measures to ensure the protection of the general public, its employees and the environment.
Redoutable class SSBN DCNS 2
¹Le Redoutable, which has been converted into a museum, has been accessible to the public at the Musée de la Mer in Cherbourg since April 2002.




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