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CNN MCO, the French leader in Ship Management, presented its services at Euronaval 2016 71611161.

| 2016
EURONAVAL 2016 Online Show Daily - Press Release
CNN MCO, the French leader in Ship Management, presented its services at Euronaval 2016
Specialised in keeping boats operational and managing and maintaining all types of vessels, CNN MCO, based in Brittany with offices in the Mediterranean and on Réunion Island, is attending the Euronaval show in Paris Le Bourget from 17 to 21 October 2016. It’s a first for this company which, in the space of just ten years, has made a name for itself as the French leader in Ship Management.
CNN MCO the French leader in Ship Management presented its services at Euronaval 2016 002
CNN MCO at Euronaval 2016
Thanks to its specific expertise, CNN MCO leads the competitive markets of the French Navy, as well as providing services to overseas navies, boat owners, shipyards and yachting. Thus, from the jet ski to the refuelling ship to the warship, for anything boatrelated, CNN MCO has got it covered, from the main engine to the navigation equipment, from special mission-specific equipment through to vessel operation.

Based in Brest with offices in Toulon and Réunion Island, CNN MCO boasts an international network with a global response capability. In just 10 years, CNN MCO has provided solutions in nearly 60 countries worldwide.

“Over the past 10 years, CNN MCO has been developing in the domain of ship maintenance. Today, we’re attending Euronaval in order to increase the prestige of our expertise and our savoir-faire, both on a national and international scale. Our strength? A maintenance concept that combines our know-how in providing technical assistance to boat owners and an understanding of the day-to-day management of a fleet, as well as a team of sailors and technicians well-versed in the protocol for technical incidents. Boasting a melting pot of cultures combining people from the merchant navy, the French Navy, shipyards, research departments and equipment manufacturers, who work together to maintain the availability of facilities and ships”, said Frédéric Laurent, Chairman of CNN MCO.

CNN MCO groups together expert sailors and technicians who, thanks to their extensive personal and professional experience, are in a position to adapt and respond to issues with engineering, maintenance, technical management as well as crew support. They actively monitor each craft and/or fleet entrusted to their care.

Their missions are multiple, their skills too:

› Optimising management, from the initial definition of the maintenance to the search forreliable and cost effective solutions, the monitoring and managing of obsolescence and the integration of new gear.

› Definition, planning and supervision of works, from drawing up the jobs list during a technical shutdown to supervising the works, the CNN MCO teams manage the supply of parts, the in situ monitoring of the works and the coordination of representatives and their interfaces, with real time reporting.


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