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CMN & DCNS Teaming Up for the First Time by Offering BR71 MkII Corvette with SETIS CMS.

| 2016
EURONAVAL 2016 Online Show Daily - CMN & DCNS
CMN & DCNS Teaming Up for the First Time by Offering BR71 MkII Corvette with SETIS CMS
Navy Recognition learned during Euronaval 2016 (the largest naval defense exhibition in the world held last week near Paris) that France's leading shipyards DCNS and CMN are cooperating for the first time. The two companies teamed up to offer the Combattante BR71 MkII Corvette (designed by CMN Shipyard in Cherbourg) fitted with the proven SETIS combat management system (CMS) by DCNS to an export customer.
CMN BR 71 MKII DCNS SETISs Euronaval 2016The Combattante BR71 MkII Corvette on CMN stand at Euronaval 2016
Currently deployed extensively and successfully by the UAE Navy, the Baynunah class corvettes (the original design, Combattante BR71) are demonstrating their combat capabilities off the coast of Yemen against Houthi rebels. These capabilities didn't go unnoticed as several countries in the region and elswhere are said to have shown interest in the new Mk II variant of the BR71 by CMN.

CMN (part of Privinvest holding company) unveiled the MkII version of the famous Baynunah class corvette during IDEX/NAVDEX defense exhibition in Abu Dhabi last year. Based on the sea proven Combattante BR 71 corvette, the new Mk II evolution incorporates the latest innovations from CMN's research and development.
CMN BR 71 MKII DCNS SETISs Euronaval 2016 02The Combattante BR71 MkII Corvette on CMN stand at Euronaval 2016
The Mk II design features a larger helicopter platform. The bridge has an almost 360 degrees field of view. The bridge on the BR 71 Mk II is larger compared to the original one. The helicopter hangar present on the original BR 71 design (Baynunah class) has been replaced with two dedicated spaces for RHIBs (one starboard side, one port side) in order to answer growing needs for anti-piracy and visit board search and seizure (vbss) capabilities.

The eight VLS cells have been moved forward to the bow (originally located on each side above the helicopter hangar on the BR 71), the 76mm main gun has been moved forward as a consequence. Similar to the UAE Navy Baynunah class, the integrated mast houses a navigation radar, a 3D surveillance radar and the electronic warfare suite.

Link to CMN Combattante BR71 MkII Corvette Technical Datasheet
DCNS video on the SETIS CMS
About SETIS by DCNS:
SETIS CMS is based on the software aboard the FREMM Frigates. It offers human-machine interfaces with a highly innovative design and ergonomics. SETIS provides corvettes with a reactive and intuitive system for the control of a tactical situation and for the deployment of weapons systems. The SETIS combat system was developed by DCNS for FREMM frigates and GOWIND corvettes.




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