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Interview with DCNS CEO and French Ambassador in Australia at PACIFIC 2015.

| 2015
PACIFIC 2015 Show News - DCNS & France
Interview with DCNS CEO and French Ambassador to Australia at PACIFIC 2015
During PACIFIC 2015, the international maritime exposition currently held in Sydney Australia, Navy Recognition had the chance to meet and interview both DCNS CEO Hervé Guillou and French Ambassador in Australia Christophe Lecourtier.
Video: Interview with Hervé Guillou, DCNS Chairman and CEO, and with Christophe Lecourtier French Embassador to Australia
Asked about DCNS ambitions in Australia, Hervé Guillou explained that following a strategic review, Australia came out as a top priority for the group. This is due in part to the close relationship at government level between France and Australia. Hervé Guillou said "The strength of DCNS is first the strategic view we have jointly with our government to be a long term partner".

Regarding this relationship, French Ambassador Christophe Lecourtier explained that "France is offerig government to government agreement that will add on top of all that DCNS can provide a very large range of cooperation between the two countries for the next generation and even more".
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