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GE Marine presents complete range of marine gas turbines at Euronaval 2014.

| 2014
GE Marine presents complete range of marine gas turbines at Euronaval 2014
During Euronaval 2014, which is held in Paris from 27 to 31st October, GE Marine, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aeroderivative marine gas turbines, is showcasing complete range of gas turbines from 6,000 to 57,300 shaft horsepower (shp). GE gas turbines -- the LM500, LM2500, LM2500+, LM2500+G4, and the LM6000 -- are excellent prime movers for mechanical drive, hybrid, or all electric propulsion systems.
General Electric Marine's booth at Euronaval 2014
GE Marine sells complete propulsion systems for diverse ship applications in both the military and commercial markets. Key differentiators that make GE gas turbine systems solutions the preferred choice include power density (i.e., high power in a lightweight, small footprint), fuel flexibility, and the use of highly reliable Dry Low NOx emissions (DLE) technology to meet Tier III IMO/Tier 4 United States Environmental Protection Agency requirements now with no post combustion treatment.

GE is a long-standing equipment supplier to the United States Navy, and naval and commercial marine customers in Europe. In fact, 32 navies worldwide have selected GE’s proven LM propulsion solutions.

The 6,130-shp LM500 is used on 100% of the world’s military gas turbine-powered patrol boats in four different ship designs. There are 100 LM500 gas turbines delivered or on order, accumulating more than 1.8 million operating hours. Of that total, 140,000 hours have been logged in marine service. The high time engine has accumulated more than 125,000 hours.

The LM2500 is rated at 33,600 shp at ISO conditions with a thermal efficiency of 37% (nearly 50% for combined cycle operation). Currently there are more than 1,300 LM2500s in marine service worldwide, with an outstanding 99.6% availability rate. The LM2500+ gas turbine is popular with commercial and military marine users. With a 3600-rpm low-pressure turbine output, this gas turbine produces 40,500 shp, with a simple cycle thermal efficiency of 39% at ISO conditions. The LM2500+G4 offers 47,370 shp -- a 6% increase in airflow over the LM2500+ model. The first marine application of the LM2500+G4 is for the European Multi-Mission Frigates (FREMM) program of the French, Italian and Moroccan navies.

GE Marine's LM2500 marine gas turbine
In addition, GE is currently developing a marine LM6000 mechanical drive package for future commercial and naval applications. Capable of producing more than 50MW (at ISO conditions), this product will be certified to Lloyd’s Naval Vessel Rules & Regulations in the fourth quarter 2015. The LM6000 offers up to 42% simple cycle thermal efficiency (over 52% for combined cycle operation) with high part-power efficiency. Currently over 1,100 LM6000 gas turbines have been shipped and have logged more than 27 million hours in operation.

GE Marine gas turbines power a variety of ships used by European navies including the new FREMM frigates which rely on the LM2500+G4 for power. GE also supplied the LM2500s for the French/Italian Navy’s Horizon frigate program, and the Italian Navy’s Garibaldi and Cavour aircraft carriers.

The German Navy’s Baden-Wurttemberg F125-class frigates will use LM2500 gas turbines in a combined diesel-electric and gas turbine propulsion arrangement. While in Spain and Turkey, LM2500s power the Spanish Navy’s F100 frigates and the Turkish Navy’s new MILGEM frigate, respectively.

In 2013, GE completed the acquisition of Avio S.p.A. of Italy. The renamed business, Avio Aero, brings world-class marine products, services network and engineering expertise to the GE Marine portfolio. For a complete GE Marine worldwide experience list, check out Building on a Marine Power Legacy.

GE has teamed with Echogen Power Systems to provide Echogen's heat-to-power system that uses carbon dioxide to convert exhaust energy to power. This product enhances GE's mechanical, hybrid and all-electric propulsion system solutions, boosting efficiency by capturing the heat inherent in the gas turbine or diesel engine exhaust stream and turning it into electricity. Echogen’s system allows for a more compact, lighter and economical configuration than traditional steam systems.

GE’s optional Dry Low Emissions on-engine combustor technology produces emissions much lower than current marine requirements, which means these engines are prepared to meet Tier III 2016 IMO regulations today and stricter regulations should they be implemented in the future. To date, GE has manufactured 835 DLE systems for its LM2500, LM2500+/LM2500+G4 and LM6000 gas turbines. Combined, this fleet has accumulated nearly 18 million operating hours.

GE's lean premix DLE combustion technology accomplishes low emissions by maintaining a near-optimum fuel-air distribution throughout the combustion zone and maintaining the flame temperature in a narrow band that is favorable both to low NOx and low CO production. Plus, DLE combustion systems offer significant advantages where clean water for gas turbine injection is too expensive or simply not available.

Customized maintenance services for LM gas turbines is offered through both GE as well as the company’s global network of authorized service providers. In addition to maintenance and repair, upgrade programs are available to both improve gas turbine reliability and operate with updated control systems.

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