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Fincantieri reveals its new PPA patrol ship at EURONAVAL 2014.

| 2014
EURONAVAL 2014 Show Daily - Fincantieri PPA
Fincantieri reveals its new PPA patrol ship at EURONAVAL 2014
Fincantieri PPA (Pattugliatore Polivalente D’Altura), Offshore Polyvalent Patrol, is first revealed at EURONAVAL 2014. The vessel can perform a wide range of offshore patrolling missions thanks to its innovative modular sections conception. PPA have been chosen by Italian Navy for the replacement program of Italian corvettes, patrol vessels and Durand de la Penne destroyers.
Fincantieri reveals its new PPA patrol ship at EURONAVAL 2014 Fincantieri PPA concept has been selected by Italian Navy

Strong dual-use features marked by two modular sections (one at mid-ship and the other one at stern) enable the ship to carry out:
- show the flag, surveillance and intervention missions in waters of national interest;
- support in rescue missions;
- disaster relief operations;
- support in anti-pollution tasks;
- support in Special Forces deployment;
- anti-piracy operations.

Dual-use concept even from the early project phase. The mid-ship zone will be able to host vehicles or cargo containers (lifted aboard by on-board cranes). In a combat situation, that space can be used to carry large RHIB for special operations. Different equipment can be host in the stern section (temporary hospital facility, anti-pollution equipment or special operations equipment).

The adaptation platform of the PPA can be efficiently used to carry out civilian roles of different unit classes. The vessel is cheaply managed because of:
- training evenness;
- easy personnel management;
- Simple logistics;
- one maintenance line.

PPA is a high performance platform with low environmental impact.

PPA is about 135 m long and its displacement is about 4,500 t. Its crew may vary from 135 to 150 depending of the version of the ship. PPA is armed with a main gun up to 127 mm in the bow, a vertical launch system for Aster 15 or 30 missiles.

Fincantieri was showing an animation of its PPA concept during Euronaval 2014
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