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Large Patrol Vessel Akitsushima (PLH-32) Enters Japan's Coast Guard Service.

| 2013
Naval Forces News - Japan
Large Patrol Vessel Akitsushima (PLH-32) Enters Japan's Coast Guard Service
Japan's Coast Guard (JCG) on Thursday unveiled a new, next-generation patrol ship that will be deployed in anti-piracy, counter-terrorism and regular domestic duties. PLH-32 is a more modern, newer version of PLH 31 Shikishima. With a length of 150m (492 ft) and 9,300 tons full load displacement (the size of a destroyer), these are the largest "Offshore Patrol Vessels" in the world.
PLH-32 Akitsushima
They may accomodate two medium size helicopters. They are fitted with OPS-14 2D air search radar (the Japanese version of the American AN/SPS-49) and a couple of Oerlikon 35 mm twin cannons, a M61 Vulcan cannon as a part of a remote firing system, and some 40mm cannons.

The ships have a long-range cruising capacity, making it a valuable asset for the Coast Guard. It can make voyages from Japan to Europe, for example, without the need to refuel. As PLH-32 is much newer, it will probably be named a different class.
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