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Rehearsal for Victory Day Military parade Russian army for the 09 May 2010 Moscow Red Square


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Rehearsal for the Military Parade Victory Day 2010

Wednesday , 14 April 2010, 18:45 PM

Parade rehearsal for the Military Parade Victory Day 09 May 2010 Red Square: (Ria Novosti)
The rehearsal involved 127 aircraft and helicopters, and over 150 items of past and present arms, which are to roll and fly over Red Square on May 9. The parade has been timed to a second and will last exactly 73 minutes. This timeline will be observed on May 9, too.
The first to enter the improvised Red Square were over 10,000 marching troops. They were followed by legendary T-34 tanks, SU-100 self-propelled gun mounts, surface-to-air missile systems and heavy flame-throwers. As many as 127 fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft of the Russian Air Force flew above, including the renowned Swifts and Russian Knights aerobatic teams. The world’s largest mass-produced MI-26 helicopters will take part in the parade for the first time.
The parade will not be limited to Moscow alone: at 10 a.m. Moscow time on May 9, more than 60 Russian cities will hold similar events.

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