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Video: Technical review KW2 30mm AAGW Anti Aircraft Gun Wheeled Armored Vehicle

Technical review by Army Recognition editorial team about the new South Korean KW2 30mm AAGW Anti-Aircraft Gun Wheeled Vehicle System. According to information published by "The Korea Herald" news website on December 15, 2021, the Army of South Korea has started the deployment of new mobile short-range air defense KW2.
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The AAGW is based on the K808, an 8x8 wheeled armored vehicle personnel carrier developed by the South Korean company Hyundai Rotem. The vehicle is fitted with a two-man turret mounted in the center of the hull, which is the same turret used on the tracked armored anti-aircraft vehicle named BIHO.

The AAGW is armed with two 30mm Rheinmetall Air Defense (Oerlikon) KCB automatic cannons manufactured under license by the South Korean S&T group. The cyclic rate of fire for a single gun is 600 rounds per minute. Each gun is provided with 300 rounds of ready-to-use ammunition. The Biho fires HE-FRAG rounds which can be used to destroy air targets with an effective firing range of approximately 3 km.

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