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Russia tests new Pantsir-SM-SV air defense system based on tracked chassis.

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The "Pantsir-SM-SV", a modernized version of the "Pantsir-S" air defense system, has completed its modernization tests, as announced by Rostec, the Russian state-owned corporation, on January 3, 2023.
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Pantsir-SM-SV is a tracked version of the Pantsir S1 (Picture source: Rostec)

This advanced version of the "Pantsir-S" represents a significant development in air defense technology, according to the announcement made by the Russian company on January 3, 2023.

Designed to protect ground forces during combat operations and movement, the "Pantsir-SM-SV" is notable for its tracked chassis, which provides increased maneuverability in various conditions, such as snow and off-road terrain. This feature allows it to accompany and cover other air defense systems in motion effectively.

The arsenal of the "Pantsir-SM-SV" has been significantly expanded, now including high-speed guided missiles with a range of up to 40 kilometers and cost-effective miniature missiles designed to destroy drones. This expansion of the arsenal enhances its ability to counter a variety of aerial threats, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), guided missiles, bombs, as well as traditional aircraft like planes and helicopters.

The radar system of the "Pantsir-SM-SV" has also been improved, doubling its field of vision to 75 kilometers from the previous 36 kilometers. This enhancement in radar capabilities allows for better detection and more effective engagement of targets at greater distances.

Tests have confirmed that the "Pantsir-SM-SV" meets the requirements of the Russian Ministry of Defense. These tests were conducted by specialists from the Instrument Design Bureau named after Academician A.G. Shipunov, which is part of Rostec's "High-Precision Complexes" holding.

With its increased maneuverability, expanded arsenal, and improved radar system, the "Pantsir-SM-SV" could be a formidable asset for Russian ground forces. However, this system is not yet expected to be seen on the battlefield soon. To properly test the efficacy of a new system, it would be interesting to deploy several models on the front lines. However, Rostec has not yet announced large-scale production of this system, nor the deployment of certain models.

Despite Russian air dominance in Ukraine, Russian armed forces are challenged by the rise of drones. The Pantsir-SM-SV seems to be a comprehensive solution against various aerial threats, and more information about its capabilities would be interesting.


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