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Galvion Unveils BATLCHRG Wireless Charging Concept for Combat Systems at SOF Week 2024.

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At the Special Operations Forces (SOF) Week 2024, Galvion, a global leader in power and data management solutions and innovative head protection systems, will showcase its new wireless charging concept for combat systems, named BATLCHRG. This presentation follows the January 2024 announcement of a strategic investment partnership with Canadian technology company Quaze Technologies.

 Powered by magnetic resonance, this technology provides a safe, secure, and seamless solution to efficiently charge multiple devices with variable power demands across a wide platform surface area (Picture source: Galvion)

Galvion's investment in Quaze represents a merging of technological innovation strengths from both companies, aimed at introducing revolutionary wireless charging technology into the combat systems market. Galvion will display the BATLCHRG wireless charging concept alongside other systems and solutions at booth 948 during SOF Week 2024.

For this year's SOF Week, Galvion demonstrates the BATLCHRG wireless charging capability in two battlefield scenarios: integrated into a vehicle seat and a wall-mounted mat in a ready-room scenario. Both instances show that soldiers can charge multiple battery-powered systems via the wireless power transfer system. This robust solution, utilizing a charging mat and receiver configuration, offers excellent power transfer rates and efficiency, broad position tolerance to accommodate movement and misalignment of surfaces, and operates effectively even in the harshest environments, remaining efficient when covered with water, snow, dirt, or dust.

Incorporating Galvion's power and data ecosystem, which includes the 2-Port Power & Data Hub (PDH-2), Personal Worn Scavenger (PWS), and SoloPack battery, the BATLCHRG wireless concept significantly reduces the logistical burden of battlefield power management. It will substantially enhance functionality and capacity by allowing soldier power systems to automatically and wirelessly charge while in static positions, such as traveling in a vehicle, on sentry duty, at a command post, or resting.

Quaze's Surface Power Technology revolutionizes how devices are powered, enabling easy and reliable wireless charging for remote or autonomous devices on land, sea, or air. Powered by magnetic resonance, this technology provides a safe, secure, and seamless solution to efficiently charge multiple devices with variable power demands across a wide platform surface area.

Todd Stirtzinger, CEO of Galvion, expressed the company's commitment to continuously exploring ways to alleviate the challenges faced by warfighters. He highlighted that in October 2023, Galvion introduced its Charge on the Move capability, which utilizes a vehicle-mounted Squad Power Manage to harness vehicle power systems for the benefit of today's dismounted soldiers. This initiative is part of a broader strategic partnership with Quaze Technologies. The collaboration has culminated in the BATLCHRG capability, a feature of their presentation at SOF Week, aimed at advancing wireless charging technology for untethered power provision and management. Stirtzinger emphasized the transformative potential of wireless technology, noting its ability to offer remarkable flexibility in system expansion when integrated with software development. He affirmed Galvion's readiness to leverage these advancements for future developments.

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