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Finnish Company Patria Inaugurates State-of-the-Art Armoured Vehicle Production Facility in Latvia.

The Finnish Company Patria, a leading provider of defence products and combat vehicles, officially opened a new production facility in Valmiera, Latvia. This facility marks a significant milestone as it becomes the first and only full-cycle production site for armoured vehicles in the Baltics, specifically dedicated to producing the advanced Patria 6x6 armoured vehicles.
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The Patria 6x6 vehicle, built on the legacy of Patria’s iconic armoured vehicles, has been a reliable choice in peacekeeping and crisis management missions worldwide for decades. (Picture source: Patria)

Esa Rautalinko, President and CEO of Patria, highlighted the company's extensive experience and the strategic importance of this new facility. "Patria has more than four decades of experience in developing and delivering state-of-the-art protected vehicles for troop transportation and system integration. Our market-leading armoured vehicles and related programmes, particularly the unique, joint Common Armoured Vehicle System (CAVS) programme, have driven the opening of this facility in Latvia. We are proud of our close collaboration with Latvia and the Latvian National Armed Forces. Utilising local industry capabilities from CAVS member nations enhances the security of supply for the entire collaboration system," Rautalinko stated.

Defence Partnership Latvia manages the production operations in Latvia. This joint venture between Patria and the local Latvian company Unitruck aims to bolster the Latvian defence sector's capabilities, evidenced by the Latvian Ministry of Defence's 2021 order for over 200 Patria 6x6 armoured vehicles slated for delivery by 2029.

Uģis Romanovs, Chairman of the Board of Defence Partnership Latvia, emphasized the project's impact on the local defence industry. "The local Patria 6x6 project paves the way for a breakthrough in the Latvian defence industry. Our new facility will initially focus on delivering armoured personnel carriers to the Latvian National Armed Forces. However, we are also working to implement other capability development projects and produce military equipment for defence forces of other countries," Romanovs explained.

The Patria 6x6 vehicle has been selected as the platform for the CAVS programme, which includes Finland, Latvia, Sweden, and Germany. Deliveries of the Patria 6x6 vehicles are ongoing, not only to Latvia but also to Finland and Sweden, where the vehicles are already in operational use. To date, Patria has received orders for nearly 700 Patria 6x6 vehicles. The CAVS programme remains open to other European countries with similar equipment requirements, pending approval from participating nations.

The Patria 6x6 armoured vehicle, inheriting the legacy of Patria's renowned wheeled vehicles used in peacekeeping and crisis management missions, is designed for modern tactical troop transportation. This vehicle is noted for its modular, high-performance design that balances simplicity, robustness, and affordability, allowing for larger fleet deployments. It offers modern protection and high mobility, making it ideal for various mission-specific configurations. The Patria 6x6 is a versatile choice for troop transportation and combat support roles, providing ultimate security of supply through technology transfer, local manufacturing, and comprehensive through-life support.

The Patria 6x6 excels in survivability and mobility, featuring STANAG level 2 ballistic and mine protection, with optional enhancements to STANAG level 4. Its high payload capacity supports various vehicle variants while maintaining high protection and unique mobility. The vehicle's robust, fully independent suspension and high-performance driveline ensure exceptional mobility and crew comfort. It can carry up to 10 soldiers plus a crew of two, with all equipment safely housed inside. The 6x6 also offers optional amphibious capabilities. Versatile and user-friendly, the Patria 6x6 can be configured for multiple roles, including APC, Company Command, Medical Evacuation, Heavy APC, and the 120 mm Patria Nemo mortar system.

This new facility in Valmiera represents a significant step forward for Patria and Latvia, promising to enhance regional defence capabilities and foster technological and industrial development within the Latvian defence sector.

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