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Dynamit Nobel Defense from Germany Explores Co-Production of Panzerfaust-3 anti-tank weapon in Ukraine.

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In a recent development that underscores the deepening defense ties between Germany and Ukraine, Dynamit Nobel Defense, a German defense manufacturer, is reportedly exploring the possibility of co-producing the Panzerfaust-3 anti-tank weapon system in Ukraine. This information was disclosed via a tweet from Jeff21461 on February 19, 2024, who cited a spokesperson from the company.
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German Army Cpl. Vadim Ganshi, assigned to 2nd Company, Infantry Battalion 291, French German Brigade ready to fire with a Panzerfaust 3. (Picture source U.S. DoD )

According to open-source information, since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Germany has supplied Ukraine with 900 Panzerfaust 3 RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) launchers, along with 3,000 DM72A1 (PzF 3-IT) rounds and 50 DM32 Bunkerfaust rounds.
According to the spokesperson, the initial phase of this ambitious project would involve localizing the final assembly of the Panzerfaust-3 systems in Ukraine, with the ultimate aim of transitioning to complete domestic production within the country. This move is seen as a significant step towards bolstering Ukraine's defense capabilities while fostering closer industrial and defense relations between Germany and Ukraine.

The Panzerfaust-3, renowned for its effectiveness as a man-portable anti-tank weapon, has been a critical asset for ground forces requiring a reliable means to counter armored threats. By establishing a co-production arrangement in Ukraine, Dynamit Nobel Defense not only aims to enhance the Ukrainian military's operational readiness but also to contribute to the local economy through technology transfer and job creation.

The Panzerfaust-3 is a modern, shoulder-fired, anti-tank weapon system developed by Germany in the late 20th century. Designed primarily for destroying tanks and fortified positions, it is characterized by its recoilless operation and the ability to fire various types of warheads, accommodating different combat scenarios. The Panzerfaust-3 is notable for its dual-sight system, which allows for engagements at both short and long distances, with an effective range of up to 400 meters. This versatility, combined with its ease of use and high penetration capability, makes it a formidable weapon against armored threats on the battlefield.

This announcement comes at a time when Ukraine is seeking to strengthen its defense posture amidst ongoing security challenges in the region. The potential localization of Panzerfaust-3 production is expected to provide a significant boost to Ukraine's self-reliance in defense procurement and its ability to respond swiftly to threats.

Further details on the timeline for the project's implementation and the specific terms of the cooperation between Dynamit Nobel Defense and Ukrainian entities are awaited. Stakeholders in the defense industry and international observers will be closely monitoring this partnership, which could pave the way for further collaborative defense initiatives between Europe and Ukraine.

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