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Czech company Isolit-Bravo provides Trail-Blazer UGVs to Ukraine.

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In January 2024, the Czech company Isolit-Bravo donated for free eight unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), known as "Trail-Blazers," to the 1st separate tank brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, with four more being prepared for transfer.
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Czech company Isolit-Bravo's Trail-Blazer UGV (Picture source: Isolit-Bravo)

Isolit-Bravo, a Czech company founded in 1992, stands out in the defense sector for developing advanced technologies, particularly unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) like the "Trail-Blazer." Designed for military and logistical applications, these UGVs are used for tasks such as transporting materials and evacuating the wounded in combat environments. The company, which also manufactures products for the automotive industry, healthcare instruments, and home appliances, has recently gained recognition for its support to Ukraine by providing these UGVs to assist the armed forces in the current conflict.

Equipped with electric technologies and remote control, Isolit-Bravo's "Trail-Blazers" offer exceptional operational capabilities in combat environments. These silent UGVs, with remarkable autonomy of up to 32 km, a speed of 4 to 8 km/h, and a load capacity of 350 kg, are designed for military and logistical applications, including transporting materials and evacuating the wounded.

Beyond its role as a supplier for the automotive industry and other sectors, Isolit-Bravo has actively engaged in humanitarian initiatives, particularly with the conflict in Ukraine. The company has not only donated these vehicles to the Ukrainian army but also continues to develop new versions of its products, including smaller UGVs and armored versions, to meet the specific needs of field operations.

The company, which employs a large number of people, including recently recruited Ukrainians, plays a crucial role in innovation and military support. Its contribution to the defense and security sector is a striking example of how technology and engineering can be used for humanitarian causes and the protection of armed forces.


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