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Special Forces of Azerbaijan Showcase Advanced Training with Israeli Plasan SandCat Armored Vehicles.

| 2023

According to a video published on December 15, 2023, by the Azerbaijan MoD (Ministry of Defense), the Special Forces of Azerbaijan have recently conducted an extensive training exercise using the SandCat armored vehicles, a high-tech product designed and manufactured by the Israeli company Plasan. The exercise, which showcased the agility and advanced features of these armored vehicles, was part of a broader initiative to strengthen Azerbaijan's military readiness.
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The Israeli Sandcat is in service with the Azerbaijan Special Forces. (Picture source Azerbaijan MoD)

The training scenario, set to test the rapid response and tactical skills of the units, involved the Special Forces being alerted to neutralize a hypothetical enemy group attempting sabotage operations. This drill demonstrated the versatility of the Sandcat vehicles in various combat situations, highlighting their role in enhancing the operational efficiency of the Azerbaijani forces.

According to details released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Arms Trade Database, Azerbaijan has significantly bolstered its military inventory with the purchase of 100 SandCat APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers). These state-of-the-art vehicles were delivered between 2015 and 2018, marking a substantial investment in modernizing the country's armed forces.

In addition to the APCs, the Israeli company Plasan has also supplied Azerbaijan with 10 SandCat Spear 120mm self-propelled mortar carriers. These vehicles represent the latest in military technology, offering enhanced firepower and mobility for various combat and peacekeeping operations.

The collaboration between Azerbaijan and the Israeli defense industry reflects a growing trend of international partnerships in the defense sector. The acquisition of these advanced vehicles not only improves Azerbaijan's defensive capabilities but also signifies the country's commitment to maintaining a modern and efficient military force.

In recent years, the Sandcat armored vehicle, manufactured by the Israeli company Plasan, has made significant inroads on the international stage, marking its presence in various military and security operations across the globe. Known for its versatility and advanced technology, the SandCat has become a vehicle of choice for numerous countries seeking to modernize their defense capabilities.

Initially designed to meet the demanding requirements of counter-terrorism and urban warfare, the SandCat has evolved into a multi-role platform, catering to a diverse range of operational needs. Its adoption by various military and law enforcement agencies worldwide is a testament to its adaptability and performance in challenging environments. From peacekeeping missions in Africa to counter-insurgency operations in Asia and security patrols in Europe and the Americas, the Sandcat's global footprint is expanding rapidly.

Countries have been drawn to the Sandcat for its blend of mobility, protection, and payload capacity. Equipped with state-of-the-art defense systems, the vehicle offers enhanced survivability against both ballistic threats and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Its modular design allows for various configurations, including troop transport, command and control, reconnaissance, and medical evacuation, making it a versatile asset in any military inventory.

The SandCat's growing popularity on the international stage underscores a shift in modern military strategy, where agility and adaptability are as crucial as firepower and armor. As nations around the world continue to confront a range of security challenges, the Sandcat stands out as a symbol of modern defense technology's capability to adapt to diverse and evolving threats.

Special Forces of Azerbaijan Showcase Advanced Training with Israeli Made Sandcat Armored Vehicles 925 002
The SandCat is a 4x4 protected vehicle fully designed and manufactured by the Israeli Company Plasan. (Picture source Azerbaijan

The SandCat is a 4x4 light protected vehicle that was expertly developed by Plasan of Israel to bridge the gap between armored HMMWVs and mine-resistant vehicles. This innovative vehicle is ingeniously based on a modified chassis of the Ford F-350 Super Duty commercial pickup truck, adapted for enhanced protection and mobility.

Designed with versatility in mind, the Sandcat comfortably accommodates a driver and four passengers, and can be reconfigured as an ambulance, equipped to transport up to three litters. Additionally, it features strategically placed firing ports for troops' use. Depending on the specific model, the Sandcat has a cargo capacity ranging from 1.8 to 2.3 tons, with the payload capacity varying according to the level of protection provided.

Among its variants, the SandCat Plus stands out as a stretched version, offering seating for eight and catering specifically to the needs of special operations forces. Another extended model can accommodate up to eleven seats. The vehicle's diverse range also includes a mine-protected patrol vehicle (M-LPV), a special operations vehicle (SOV) with a soft-top configuration, and various utility and transport vehicles.

The SandCat's lightweight armor is a sophisticated blend of steel, ceramics, and composite materials, offering variable levels of protection. Its design allows for the application of various modular armor kits, with the capability of being up-armored in the field. The vehicle's interior is safeguarded with a spall liner, and later models boast V-shaped hulls and seats designed to absorb mine blasts. In terms of armament, the Sandcat can be equipped with a remotely controlled weapon station, capable of supporting a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun, or a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher.

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