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Croatia to procure Spike LR anti-tank missiles and Patria armored vehicles.

| 2023

On March 16, 2023, the Croatian parliamentary Defense Committee gave a positive opinion on projects to procure SPIKE anti-tank guided missiles, Patria APCs Armored Personnel Carriers and rigid inflatable boats (RIB) and to modernize the radar system and upgrade the combat communications system of the Croatian Air Force (HRZ).
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Spike LR anti-tank guided missile weapon system. (Picture source Eurospike)

Croatian Defense Minister Mario Banožić said that the value of the project to procure SPIKE missiles was slightly more than €11 million, that Patria vehicles would cost slightly more than €158 million, and that rigid inflatable boats were a donation from the US worth €5 million.

Patria vehicles will be procured by 2028 and the procurement period for RIBs will be shorter, added Croatian Defence Minister Mario Banožić. The SPIKE long-range missiles would be integrated with the Patria armored personnel carriers. The plan is to procure an additional 30 Patria vehicles of different versions. According to our source, The Patria vehicle that will be purchased by Croatia will be the AMV model.

The procurement of both Patria vehicles and SPIKE missiles is important to achieve full operational capability for anti-armor warfare and NATO capability objectives of the Croatian armed forces.

Spike LR (Long Range) is an Israeli-made, fire-and-forget, multi-role, guided missile system. It can be used against a variety of targets, including tanks, armored vehicles, fortifications, and other high-value targets. The Spike LR can be fired from ground platforms, such as vehicles and tripods, and from helicopter platforms.

The Spike LR has a range of up to 4 km and can be equipped with a variety of warhead options, including high-explosive, penetrator, and thermobaric, to defeat different types of targets. It uses an advanced seeker and guidance system to accurately track and engage targets, and its fire-and-forget capability means that the operator can launch the missile and then move to a different position without having to maintain a line-of-sight to the target.

The Patria AMV (Armored Modular Vehicle) is a Finnish-made, multirole armored vehicle designed for a variety of missions, including reconnaissance, infantry support, and transport. It is highly mobile, with a high power-to-weight ratio and a high level of protection, making it well-suited for operations in challenging environments.

The Patria AMV is available in a range of configurations, including infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, command and control vehicles, and mortar carriers, among others. It is highly modular, allowing for easy customization to meet the specific needs of different customers.

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