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Latvia orders SAAB RBS 70 NG air defense missile systems & Giraffe 1X radar.

| 2022

On December 14, 2022, the Swedish company SAAB announced a new order from the Ministry of Defense of Latvia for the supply of RBS 70 NG ground-based air defense system and the Giraffe 1X air surveillance radar
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The RBS 70 NG is a MANPADS man-portable air-defense missile system. (Picture source SAAB)

The Giraffe 1X radar, combined with the RBS 70 NG, will further strengthen Latvia’s air defense capabilities by enabling improved performance.

The RBS 70 NG is used by a number of nations across the world, including Sweden, the Czech Republic, and Brazil. The latest version offers an automatic target tracker and a built-in night sight. Giraffe 1X is on contract for a range of customers and is truly compact, lightweight high-performing 3D radar. Giraffe 1X can be used for tasks including ground-based air defense, Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS), and site protection as well as naval applications for all types of vessels.

The RBS 70 NG is a man-portable air-defense system designed and manufactured by the Swedish Company SAAB. It is based on the previous version of the RBS 70 but fitted with a new-generation sighting system, high precision, unbeatable range and unjammable laser guidance.

The basic RBS 70 NG (New Generation) comprises the missile in a launch container, a tripod firing stand, and an NG sight. It is operable by one, and portable by three persons. It uses the BOLIDE missile which can defeat a wide range of targets, including ground and surface targets at a range of 8,000 m and an altitude of up to 5,000 m.

The Giraffe 1X is an air surveillance radar that provides ground-based air defense commanders with engagement quality target data, drone detection and Counter-Artillery, Rocket and Mortar (C-RAM) sense and warns within a single solution. It can be used with Very Short Range Radar (VSHORAD) systems such as the RBS 70 NG and can be used as a gap filler that complements larger Ground Based Air Defence systems, or as a Counter-UAS (C-UAS) solution.

The Saab’s Giraffe 1X Radar offers a man-portable detection range of 75 km.

Latvia orders SAAB RBS 70 NG air defense missile systems Giraffe 1X radar 925 002
The Giraffe 1X air surveillance radar can be used with the RBS 70 NG MANPADS. (Picture source Army Recognition).

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