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Ulbrichts unveils VPAM-6 first combat helmet in the world truly protecting against Kalashnikov 7.62x39 MSC - steel core.

| 2021

Ulbrichts Protection presents the first stand-alone helmet capable of stopping Kalashnikov 7.62x39 steel-core (MSC) ammunition (VPAM-6) and reducing impacts to below the fatal level of 25 joules analog to HVN 2009. The Austrian company achieves this breakthrough, opening up a new era in ballistic protective helmets with true protection against rifles: Ulbrichts Protection presents its new Rifle helmet family.
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Stand-alone VPAM 6 Rifle Helmet: The brand new fully equipped VPAM 6 rifle helmet, the first helmet in the world stopping and preventing trauma values analog to HVN 2009 <25 Joules against Kalashnikov 7.62x39 MSC steel core (Picture source: Ulbrichts) 

To sum up, Ulbrichts proposes two main types of helmets. The first one is dedicated to ‘’first responders’’ of police and other security forces being the first called to react in case of a violent attack; its standard resistance (VPAM-3 HVN 2009) against 9mm can be enhanced with a front shield added to the helmet which then offers true protection against 7.62x39mm steel core, and .223/5.56mm bullets (stopping and trauma prevention <25 Joules) as well as stopping also 7,62x52 / .308 / M80 / NIJII.

The second type is a ‘’stand-alone’’ VPAM-6 rifle helmet, able to resist 7.62x39 steel core rounds fired by a Kalashnikov and other here above-mentioned calibers without needing an added front shield.

This is precisely the technological breakthrough achieved by Ulbrichts, hence its qualification of unique provider of a ‘’true protection’’.

It does not only stop the bullet, but it also reduces the kinetic energy below the fatal 25 joules level, so preventing such a back-face deformation of the helmet that would cause a fatal trauma. As demonstrated by laboratory tests, an impact would only cause a ‘’serious headache’’, no severe injury leading to death.

So, Ulbrichts’ stand-alone rifle helmet is the only one on the market, that truly protects its bearer from Kalashnikov 7.62x39 MSC (VPAM 6) fire, the most common weapon used by terrorists and other violent offenders with trauma values below 25 Joulesand stops NATO caliber 7,62x52 (.308 / M80 / NIJ III) as well. 

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news

First Responder – F1100+VPAM 6 Fortis + VPAM 3 Visor: First responder VPAM 3 HVN 2009 helmet with VPAM 6 Fortis face shield on a slider combined with a VPAM 3 Visor stopping and preventing trauma <25 Joules against handgun and doing the same on the Fortis against Kalashnikov 7.62x39 MSC steel core (Picture source: Ulbrichts)

Ulbrichts true rifle protection in two sentences :
Ulbricht’s first responder helmets were upgraded with Fortis as well as the new rifle helmets can stop .223, Kalashnikov 7.62x39 steel core (VPAM 6), and NATO caliber 7.62x52 (.308/M80/NIJ III).
Both can reduce the kinetic energy (backface deformation) below 25 Joule when shot by .223 and Kalashnikov 7.62x39 steel core (MSC).

Ulbrichts helmet range

Offering the right head protection for every unit and every use: is the aim of Ulbrichts Protection.
The three-helmet series “Zenturio” for special units (Ulbrichts has already been supplying numerous police units in Europe for decades), “Hoplit” for patrol officers / first responders, and “Optio” for riot police set standards in their respective segments.

At Milipol, the leading event for homeland security and safety, which took place in Paris from 19 to 22 November, the company was showcasing a whole range of pioneering innovations and thus underlining its position as the European market and technology leader.

New hybrid helmet: effective VPAM 3 protection and stopping effect against handgun and rifle fire

Ulbrichts Protection combines titanium, polyethylene (PE), and other high technology materials– so-called titanium-hybrid - for the first time in the next generation of helmets. The new hybrids offer comprehensive protection against different types of threats.

They provide effective and true protection against bullets by test level 3 of the VPAM (VPAM = Vereinigung der Prüfstellen für angriffshemmende Materialien und Konstruktionen / Association of Test Centres for Impact-Resistant Materials and Structures; VPAM 3, 9 mm x 19 DM 41, by the European guideline HVN 2009, residual energy values below 25 joules).

In addition, they can withstand the impact of rifles (7.62 mm x 39 PB lead core).

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news

First Responder – F1100: First responder VPAM 3 HVN 2009 helmet stopping and preventing trauma <25 Joules against handgun (Picture source: Ulbrichts)

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news

VPAM3 helmet in the high-cut version which suits the lightweight requirements as a full VPAM 3 HVN 2009 true protection helmet. This can be combined with the Fortis as well for an upgrade to VPAM 6. (Picture source: Ulbrichts)

Ulbrichts Managing Director Georg Scharpenack underlines the future potential of the company’s innovations: “By combining titanium and polyethylene, as well as using other high-tech materials, we have succeeded in making the field-proven Ulbricht's titanium protection both more resistant and lighter. With the help of our new production technology, we were able to produce the first helmet capable of stopping both ammunition from rifles and meeting the stringent requirements of the European HVN 2009 guideline at the VPAM 3 test level. This technological platform will enable us to increase even further the level of protection against rifles which we have already achieved in our future helmet developments. Those who put their heads in the line of fire for our safety deserve the best possible protection.”

VPAM 6 front shield Fortis and visor: modular protection against Kalashnikovs

The Fortis forehead shield from Ulbrichts Protection features an add-on module that can be used to upgrade Ulbrichts titanium or titanium hybrid helmets to the protection level of VPAM 6 (VPAM 6 = Kalashnikov 7.62 mm x 39 steel core, analog to the European HVN 2009 guideline, residual energy values below 25 joules). The additional module weighs just 500 grams and can reliably reduce a Kalashnikov assault rifle’s enormous firepower of over 2000 joules and a projectile speed of around 720 meters per second to well below 25 joules while it also stops NATO caliber7,62x52 (.308 / M80 / NIJ III).

Equally powerful against Kalashnikov fire and part of Ulbrichts Protection’s offer is a VPAM 6 visor that effectively protects the face in addition to the particularly vulnerable forehead area.

Protection's VPAM-6 end shield combined with Ulbrichts Protection titanium& titanium-hybrid helmets provide the world's first effective true protection upgrade against Kalashnikov gunfire. Due to the enormous firepower of a Kalashnikov, police forces have lacked effective head protection. Effective & true protection means, that the projectile not only has to be reliably stopped. It is equally important for the helmet to prevent fatal trauma to the helmet wearer. Experts have defined a residual energy value of 25 joules and set this down in guidelines that must not be exceeded in the gunshot test. In combination with a titanium or titanium aramid helmet (hybrid), the VPAM-6 face shield can reduce the projectile energy from more than 2,000 joules to well below 25 joules. An official test report proves that a lead-core bullet was not used and that the bullet velocity required by test level VPAM 6 was not reduced.

The shield can be attached or removed in a matter of seconds. It is securely fastened using velcro. This technology makes it possible to retrofit all Ulbrichts titanium and titanium-hybrid helmets with additional protection and thus significantly improve head protection.

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VPAM3 helmet in the high-cut version which suits the lightweight requirements as a full VPAM 3 HVN 2009 true protection helmet. This can be combined with the Fortis as well for an upgrade to VPAM 6. (Picture source: Ulbrichts)


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