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IDEX 2021: ADASI EDGE showcases new UAE-made Scorpio-M Mini UGV for Special Forces.

| 2021

During IDEX 2021, the Abu Dhabi International Land Defense Exhibition. the UAE-based company ADASI, a regional leader in autonomous systems and services, a subdivision of EDGE, showcases for the first time its new UAE-made Scorpio-M Mini UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) that uses stealth technology and designed to be operated by Special Forces.

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The new Scorpio-M Mini UGV can be carried by a single operator in a backpack. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Scorpio-M is a Mini UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) fully developed in UAE (United Arab Emirates) and specially designed for Special Forces deployment providing situational awareness in open-air and indoor urban environments. It can be used to conduct intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) operations in open-air and indoor urban environments,

The Scorpio-M is based on a four wheels platform that is electrically powered by a Li-Ion battery. This UGV can run at a maximum speed of 10 km/h on hard surface. It has a length of 582 mm, a height of 215 mm without payload, and a width of 378 mm. It can negotiate a slide slope of 40° and climbs a stair up to 200 mm. With its multi-visual and stair-climbing capabilities, the SCORPIO-M is ideal for monitoring access points and other areas of interest.

One of the key features of the Scorpio-M is the Whisper mode offering a noise level of < 48 dB which is very useful during reconnaissance and observation missions, especially inside a building.

The SCORPIO-M is a lightweight and portable UGV, with a weight of 15 kg and the capacity to carry a payload of up to 10 kg with an endurance of up to two hours. It can be fitted with different payload options including CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear), sound location, small-caliber weapon, and non-lethal system modules.

The Scorpio-M can be operated by one operator thanks to the use of a single interface that has an indoor and LOS (line of sight) communication range of 0.5 km. The whole system including the UGV and the control station can be transported in a backpack.

The Scorpio-M has an integrated communication system to operate with other UGVs. Additional features also include multi-visual awareness, low video latency, mesh communication system topology, and interactive geo-map and mission set up.

ADASI EDGE showcases new UAE made Scorpio M Mini UGV for special Forces IDEX 2021 925 002
Close view of the ADASI EDGE Scorpio-M Mini UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle designed for Special Forces. (Picture source Army Recognition)

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