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Turkey conducts first test-fire with its Russian-made S-400 air defense missile system.

| 2020

According to information published on October 16, 2020, by the Russian press agency TASS, Turkey has conducted the first test-fire with its new Russian-made S-400 air defense missile systems during a military exercise near the town of Sinop on Turkey’s Black Sea coast.
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Test-fire of S-400 air defense missile system by the Russian armed forces. (Picture source Russian Mod)

Three missiles of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system were launched. All of them successfully hit the designated targets," the military source said.

In May 2020, the President of SSB (Turkish Defense Associations) Ismail Demir has announced the deployment of the S-400 surface-to-air missile systems with the Turkish armed forces.

Turkish Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said on April 30 that the process of deploying S-400 air defense missile systems in the country was being delayed over the coronavirus pandemic. He said, however, that “this process will be continued in accordance with the plans.”

In December 2019, the Russian newspaper website Gazeta, has announced that the Turkish armed forces were aware of the high capabilities of the Russian S-400 air defense weapons, but their effectiveness surpassed the expectations and the tests were even more intensive than in Russia. The first regimental set of S-400 Triumf (Triumph) passed the tests in Turkey and the results exceeded expectations.

The tests usually determine the distance, altitude and course of detected targets, track them in various regimes and confirm compliance with declared characteristics. The Turkish military tested the organic and assigned means of S-400 — 91N6E radar of the command post, multirole antiaircraft 92N6E radar and all-altitude 96L6E target detector deployed on a 24-meter tower.

The source said the Turkish tests were more intensive than Russian ones. Two F-16, one F-4 and a helicopter flew for eight hours with air refueling, approached from various directions and altitudes, entered the so-called radar dead zones, and flew over the launchers and stations at various speed.

Russia said in September 2017 that the relevant contract worth $2.5 billion had been signed. Under the contract, Ankara will get a regimental set of S-400 air defense missile systems (two battalions). The deal also envisages partial transfer of production technology to the Turkish side. In July 2019, Russia has completed delivery of the first shipment of its S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to Turkey.

The S-400 Triumf is a mobile medium- and long-range air defense system. The S-400 began development in the 1990s and was first deployed in 2007. is designed to engage, ECM, radar-picket, director area, reconnaissance, strategic and tactical aircraft, tactical and theatre ballistic missiles, medium-range ballistic missiles and other current and future air attack assets at a maximum range of 400 km, and an altitude of up to 30 km.

. The S-400 Triumph uses the new Engagement Radar System 92N2E Grave Stone carried by a new 8 x 8 MZKT-7930 vehicle, the battery acquisition radar 96L6 Cheese Board also carried by an 8x8 truck MZKT-7930. new 3D phased array acquisition radar is employed, the 91N6E (NATO Code Big Bird) derived from the 64N6E2, and the 40V6M/MD mast is an available option.

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