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Ghana approves the purchase of 19 Israeli armored vehicles from Elbit Systems.

| 2020

According to information published by Defence Web on October 16, 2020, Ghana has approved the purchase of 19 wheeled armored vehicles from the Israeli company Elbit Systems.
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Sentinel II 8x8 armored vehicle fitted with Elbit Systems UT30 30 mm remotely operated turret. (Picture source Elbit Systems Australia)

Citing Defence Web, In terms of the agreement, Israeli company Elbit Land Systems will supply nine 8×8 Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) equipped with Elbit Systems UT30 30 mm remotely operated turrets. The order includes ten 6×6 IFVs fitted for reconnaissance operations.

Currently, Ghana armed forces are equipped with 3 EE-9 Cascavel, 24 Ratel-90 with 90mm cannon, 15 Ratel-20 with 20mm cannon, 4 Piranha with 25mm cannon, 5 Type-05P 25mm, 46 first version of Piranha 8x8 armored vehicles.

There is no information about the type of vehicle that will be delivered to the Ghana armed forces, but Elbit Systems has developed the Sentinel an 8x8 armored vehicle based on the Terrex 2 designed by ST Kinetics of Singapore.

The Sentinel is an 8x8 armored reconnaissance vehicle jointly designed and developed by the Companies ST Kinetics of Singapore and Elbit Systems Australia. Team Sentinel, led by Elbit Systems of Australia (ELSA), offered the Sentinel II for the Australian Land 400 Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability (MCRC) request for tender.

The Sentinel is an integrated combination of Terrex 2 8x8 armored vehicle personnel carrier, the Elbit Land System's MT30 30mm turret. Featuring high first-round and burst hit probability, the dual-axis stabilized UT30 is designed for firing on the move and at moving targets.

The Sentinel II is based on the Terrex 2 armored vehicle personnel carrier using hull and powerpack components. The hull of the vehicle is of all-welded steel armor construction to which an additional layer of passive armor can be added for a higher level of battlefield survivability.

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