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Techmash demonstrates modern munitions and projectiles at Russia-Africa forum.

| 2019

Techmash (an affiliate of Rostec) has demonstrated modern pieces of munitions and projectiles on the sidelines of the Russia-Africa Economic Forum, which is held in Sochi on October 23-24, 2019, the enterprise’s press service said.

Techmash demonstrates modern munitions and projectiles at Russia Africa forum
BM-21 Grad 122mm MLRS (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Techmash presented projectiles for the tank, field and naval artillery with calibers ranging from 76mm to 152mm. The 125mm 3VBM23 Svinets-2 subcaliber armor-piercing projectile was the key exhibit, which had been demonstrated at the Army-2019 forum for the first time.

"The projectile is designed to fire at tanks with reinforced dynamic protection; self-propelled artillery guns; the firing slits of fortified emplacements and other armored targets. Our designers from the JSC Scientific Research Mechanical Engineering Institute named after V.V. Bakhirev have increased the armor-piercing capability of this projectile by 20%. I believe that countries of the African continent will show interest in our products," Techmash’s Head Vladimir Lepin said.

The exposition also features projectiles for the Tornado-G and BM-21Grad salvo firing air defense missile systems; a TOS-1A ammunition and the S-8OFP unguided air-launched missile. The tactical technical characteristics in terms of effectiveness, operational reliability and safety of the missile have no analogues. S-8OFP is designed to destroy solo and group targets: non-armored and light armored hardware and surface ships.

Techmash has also presented pieces of small-caliber munitions for automatic guns meant for the Air Force, the Land Force and the Navy as well as projectiles for automatic, rifle-attached and hand-held grenade launchers; air bombs and close combat weapons.

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